Men not so often turn for help to a psychologist. It happens that it seems to him that all psychologists "can't", "don't know", "don't understand", and indeed, not without the help of popular memes, over which all laugh from small to large, rarely seen the profession so appreciate the many...

But anyway, head over to the gathering clouds, and then slip in thoughts about death and the insignificance of existence, then the man says to himself: "it's Time!".

it's Time to go to a psychologist for help.

Adult, independent, able-bodied, independent man creates a stereotype in the eyes of many women: "the breadwinner", "money bag". Women like him, with him safely, but at the same time, the girls look appraisingly at his social status, the ability to pay for a resort or a necklace, but its "soul not interesting".

No, he's not crying, not whining about the complexity of his character, he's just can't understand the meaning of his existence.

"why am I here?"
"Why am I here on this earth?"
"Why would I need this job, not bringing me satisfaction?"
"Why do girls need from me is money?"
"Why each climbed into bed with me, believes that I must now become a slave?"
"How do you know what girl I want?"

these are difficult philosophical core issues bothering men in the conventional age range from 30 to 40 years. Of course, not without exceptions in the smaller or big party.

This publication is a look at the condition men and the infamous "midlife crisis," when great strides are reassessing, rethinking, rebooting values.

of Course each of the men has their own trauma, pain, their own worldview and the emotional nuances of the painting. But there is one common flow - it need of security occur in each of them as a reaction to the surrounding world, its conditions, requirements.
Successful social model (prestigious profession, universities, academies, cars, wealth) does not mean spiritual order in the world men.

Any person in a life time can get lost in their own thoughts, to become a hostage of circumstances, suffering a destructive loss, despair, loss of hope.

Respectively, each of them has its own therapy and rethinking life's path.

Loss of interest in the life of an adult male a very alarming symptom, especially given the stresses, worries, and unfulfilled desires.

a Series of uncommitted relationships, which is not dotted because of vagueness, misunderstandings, unresolved issues in the recognition of each other, entails quite unpleasant and formidable consequences and difficulties in career, interpersonal relationships with family members, relatives, colleagues - all this in a moment striking a man with her hopelessness and so often, unfortunately, forces you to think about suicide.
So, very often, some girls often do not realize that their man is a living person with nerves, with emotion, with feelings. And when a man tries to explain that he is not ready for any kind of conversation or listening is significant for women information, it pours a hail of insults and accusations.

Instead of a constructive and careful, gentle approach - a couple goes into a devastating conflict which is experienced by both parties.

Therefore, adult men and women a break and start a new relationship very difficult step, especially without understanding of the past painful experience.

Accordingly, value picture of many men is based on the image of the mother, which is related to security.

most Likely, it is biologically and socially conditioned, ideological paradigm. At work, a man may be a mask of a professional, high professional, successful Executive, but at home the need for security becomes more pronounced. Not by chance that we remember coming from ancient times the assertion that the woman is the homemaker. And that is why man often looks for in a woman is a mother who will give him the desired security, and will protect him from the storm of unwanted emotions.

This does not mean that it is courageous and brutal man, successful in the professional sphere, looks like a pussy. Not at all. Safety is a limitless trust between a man and a woman is a peace from the presence of women, mutual understanding and stability.
This does not mean that between a man and a woman is not conflict. But it is important to understand that conflict can be destructive and constructive, in which relationships grow stronger and give new fruits.
Arkhangelsk Nadezhda
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