Does life have meaning?

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Yes, if You know how to be happy, to experience the fullness of life, to trust, to love, to create. This question arises in different moments of life and often when You feel the emptiness, pain, loneliness, fear, despair, boredom. After all, when happiness overwhelms, the case captures, the answer to this question is immediately.

And if You ask yourself, then, is something to think about and this is natural, since there is no complete happiness, peace, as the seasons succeed each other periods of development, crisis and balance. Without pain it is impossible to overcome the crisis, to undergo a change and become wiser. This can be compared to training in the sport, you need to overcome a moment when it seems that no longer can and only then will you be able to get the result.

I have read Carl Jung this idea, I will try to retell, as I understand it, maybe this is my interpretation and it is far from original, but the point is this: our ancestors after death waiting for us the answers to those questions they didn't answer. Descendants need to go further than their ancestors and discover new knowledge and this is only possible until their death, and then only expect that your descendants will do what you couldn't. And so me, then it struck me with the power and emotional charge that I have this analogy remember. For me, the story about the relationship with the family is very powerful. I know for sure that this is what I can a lifetime to learn, to understand, and many will remain unknown. But in this case, I think it's important not only relations with the family, but the reason that it is important to realize your potential, go further in their personal spiritual development. To find new answers, meanings, and this concerns not only the sphere of the intellect.

Some time ago I was going through very hard times, it was very dark and it seemed that light and joy are no longer there. And I was looking for the answer to one very important question, and I thought this is for me a matter of life and death, as they say. And if I find it, then I can get my bearings. And I thought a lot about it, listen to yourself, flipping through books, asked people, did a lot of action and could not hear the answer. And once I had a dream, now I only remember the General feeling, the atmosphere of this dream. When I woke up, I remembered that I had the answer, and it was so obvious and simple, I was so happy in the dream and thought, but now I understand everything, it's so easy and natural. But sounded like the answer that it was for the answer, I don't remember how much I tried, couldn't remember and then I realized that the answer is inside of me and I know him, even if it isn't time to read it to my consciousness. My unconscious gave me the opportunity to gain support, showing him in his sleep, I was able to understand that the answer exists and I have it somewhere deeply know him and perhaps someday I will be able to understand intellectually. This discovery is very important to me, it was another step on the road to recovery from the crisis, small step. And then it took many more such steps before I was able to overcome the crisis. But these changes consist of small steps and require a lot of effort and time.

And I want to say that the meanings we create and find during life and it is important to be ready to embark on this journey, not clinging to old familiar ideas, or the rigid structure of our ideas can make it difficult to meet new in this world.

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