Under my recent article about the confidence in which I wrote about the need Deactive, one girl left a comment: "it turns Out a confident woman can only be with the profession, career and money? Not only have confident, beautiful and adored by the public, Housewives."

I outila that, Yes, few, very few. There is no practice. Especially if the woman is over 35, even beautiful, but without a profession and own money, it still feels quite vulnerable.

Let's consider the case of a housewife. I can assume that when she got married, was young, carefree, the husband felt for her - the unrealized and the inoperative, delight and adoration, perhaps, other people sympathetic to her. But the time comes, she gives birth to children, rooted in motherhood, not thinking about your personal education, career. Her circle of interests is limited. She can talk only about what surrounds her and what she sees on TV. Of money it does not – have to ask my husband or play in the Vedic wife.

due to the fact that there their funds and no skill to earn it, the woman becomes very dependent on her husband. And here about any confidence of speech can not be. Where did this confidence come from, if it is terrible to lose a breadwinner? She handed over control for security of yourself, your children spouse. This is normal, when this period lasts for several years. This is maternity leave. But in maternity woman in most cases feels insecure and dependent on her husband, not realizing their potential. Many women want to give a child in kindergarten or a babysitter to return to work, in society, to develop their own support.

the more the woman supports personal, the more confident she is in herself. In fact, in men as well. What is personal support? Education, accumulated money, skills, profession, own property, good health and appearance, ability to take care of myself, to provide myself, and if you have children, then the children. If a woman doubts that she is without the help of someone to feed themselves, ensure a decent standard of living, you will not have any confidence. And the older the woman, the worse she feels no personal supports. Because disabled young girl can still inspire. But adult the woman – not really. And does not look sexy and attractive adult woman, even beautiful, has no money, no profession. In the eyes of such a woman will be read with fear and a desire to quickly find a strong male shoulder. And even if she manages to get married, you will cling to her husband, afraid to lose him, because he is the breadwinner. What kind of adoration there can be a speech? Who and what will be adore? For her beauty? For her resignation? Perhaps the soup and meatballs, but this is not about the adoration of her as a woman in General and as individuals.

If a woman is a housewife and had children, it inside hopes that her husband will not leave. And if the husband is responsible. But this is not about confidence. The fear of losing one will always be in the background of this woman. And well, if she knows it, not pushes inside.

How many sad stories I psychologist heard from associates financial women about domestic violence, disrespect, infidelity on the part of husbands. In fact, women who do not have their money, you have more to adjust relations, to adapt, to smooth corners, to tolerate what we don't like. Man becomes a tyrant to her at once, but gradually.To avoid such men it hard, because the threshold of tolerance to violence constantly and imperceptibly growing. And, as a rule, nowhere to go and nothing, you still need to think about how to earn or get some other man to contain. And this is not to confidence. Not to the relaxed self-sufficiency.

are There any housewife that wrote the girl in the comments? Units. But it's a woman whose confidence comes not from auto-suggestion "I am a God", but from the real supports. She can be a housewife, but with a large Bank Deposit, and may get involved in something, to the popular cooking blog, for example. That is, she understands that if you remain without this particular husband, it is where to live, what to buy food and things to do to earn money. And she will not tolerate in a relationship that she doesn't like out of fear of being alone. But such women really are very few.

basically, another picture of the sort that believes that work is not for women. And the older the woman, the her worse and harder to start to do something, to go to school, to try to earn. And well, if she finds the strength and courage to go forward, making even small steps towards my financial independence. Such is the opportunity to finally become the owner of his life.

Gritsyshin Alevtina
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