What do we know about desire? Ask any child "What do you want?" and he will answer you, if you haven't had time to mess with his head.

thus the desire to respond to the question, which was asking every "What do I want?".

This question is from the inside - from the very human nature.

But from childhood we are taught to hear what you need, not what we want, taking us from nature – from the desire.

Childhood and youth, in most cases, remember us, if not cloudless, filled with amazing events.

Where are the miracles disappear as they Mature.

Some cease to believe in them, because if Santa Claus is the Pope, no miracle, and some who still have a glimmer a spark of hope become blind to them, and all because of the Need overshadows Want.

And if a part of us can agree on that, in relationship with another there are difficulties.

Special poignancy renunciation of desires attains it in relationships with others!

Take common examples from real life.

we All want something. Those something are such needs as the need for love, recognition, family, success, joy, etc., etc.

Example. There are two. Meet "the wave", delighted and charmed by each other.

And both understand that they had "something there". Attraction.

That would be and everything would be fine, because the unconscious through desire reported both that they are right for each other.

And then the mind games begin.

He puts her in bed and she it to the Registrar.

have only one Wish – love (family, relationships), and they pulled each other in opposite directions, leading from desire.

And pile up they are one in different words is called.

Well, at the very least, she gave herself to him, and he took her in marriage.

And Hey! Sailed.

He, forgetting his desire, begins to build her ideal, and she forgets about her, gave him all my time and space.

Here they are the machinations of the unconscious! Here it is the complementarity in the face!

Yes, unless it signaled the unconscious, and the potential that each of them could develop through the knowledge of the other.

There is a saying: "In you I recognize myself!"

Other mirrors to us our ability (potential).

But along with own reflection suddenly we begin to see the curvature due to projections of the parent-child relationship.

In each of us, as if Kai lives a shard of evil Troll.

We are looking for secret wish, find, and without noticing, we pass by.

Choose someone wisely, relying on tips.

And even if, at first, listened to his heart, then do everything destroyed.

So what happened to the two of those...

He changed his request, citing the fact that "she stopped...", "I'm tired..."

She, mired in disease, abandoning her desire for him.

having set the table, she was able to sit over the plates, while the soup was covered with ice, and he wouldn't come, preferring their Affairs (probably laid out the word "eternity").

the Mirror was again broken, and its fragments fell into the eyes of their children.

If between a man and a woman-that is, it is a sign that they have a chance to be realized through each other.

This is possible when one does not betray his desire, sharing it with others.

If we turn to fairy tales, we can see that "something", and that determines the script of their relationship, until they see their projections.

"the Scarlet flower" Aksakov: a Flower between Nastenka and the Beast-Prince

"the snow Queen" of Hans Christian Andersen: Between Kai and Gerda first grandmother, then the snow Queen

"Geese-swans" between sister and brother

Koshchey immortal with Elena-the wise and Ivan Tsarevich

etc etc

So the tale "triple plot" suggests to us that stands not just between two characters, and that prevents us to become integral by the relationship between the unconscious and the conscious, both in person and in a relationship with another person.

each tale is a symbol-a hint about what appeared impenetrable border.

the Scarlet flower – a symbol of passionate love and the creation of the world, but the tale is a request of the daughter to her father (incest).

the snow Queen-the grandmother symbolizes the ambivalent mother, the projection of which violate the relationship between Kai and Gerda (narcissistic injury).

Koshchey the immortal – a symbol of the incestuous relationship between a father and daughter, but it is interesting that soon Ivan intervened between father and daughter. So daughter hinders the immature mind-Ivan will be filled with talent from his father, petropav its psychological birth (burning the frog's skin, a symbol of the broken borders).

the Geese take the boy-brother to Baba Yaga (the dark maternal side) and through acquaintance with his own femininity reflected in such characters as the-oven, Apple tree girl gets a brother.

In General, all these stories boil down to the loss of Anima or Animus in men/women, and gaining integrity through familiarity with femininity / masculinity.

If you lose Once, you left, and if the animus right.

Sometimes you have to go back and forth (don't know where), to restore harmony between the conscious and the unconscious, between men and women and inside of real couples.

good luck with your relationship with yourself and others!
If you get lost, you are WELCOME!

Serdyuk Alevtina
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