Don't blame yourself for loneliness


Why do people generally avoid being alone? Because alone only a few enjoy good company.

Carlo Dossi

I wrote loneliness here, and even want to talk to you about it for many a negative feeling.

the loneliness addictive as its fog, affects us dullness and some frustration. In addition, it is often accompanied by a huge bouquet of guilt.

the Wine there may appear completely different occasions. we Accuse:
  • because I'm generally so lonely;
  • For the fact that I can't be around people like them;
  • For the fact that I'm not doing anything with his condition;
  • For the fact that I look weak and abandoned.
  • And so on and so forth.

to Blame yourself alone can be a huge number of parameters. Only in the sense, what do you think?

it always seemed to Me that blaming yourself for something, we only worsen your health and position, we have more energy. Accordingly, the fact that we're trying to do pobedivshih guilt, it is unlikely then get a bright positive result.

If we ever want to do something, as full charges yourself. Which is doubtful.

In General, as you may have guessed, I am opposed to blaming himself in the feeling of loneliness. Not so important long is a condition or state of one moment. It is important that it perfectly natural for each person. I think that even if the person is really outgoing, open to the world, he in life there are times when he has to pass your experience of solitude.

This may be related to the loss, with a special state of his mind, life crisis and a lot more.

There is nothing better than that, which you have now. Even if it's alone. This is absolutely not about the fact that there is no need ever to do anything. It is about the fact that only after making some positive changes.

As said Denis Chernikov, whom I respect and believe authority: "what is - is. And rightly so. What no - no. And it is also correct. If you accept it, it is unlikely that anything material will change. But the attitude will change. And there will be more energy and effort”.

I was forced to think deeply and much to reconsider. And you?
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Maria Zalesskaya
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