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Psychological work with the problem, independent or advice – creative process. There are several barriers to creative thinking, which can block the search for solutions. Today I will tell you about only one of them. We will focus on the barrier of terminology.

the word "term" already carries a disguised restriction! From Latin "terminus" means "boundary," "limit". The terms need to clearly delineate the boundaries of phenomena. This is their strength. They make our lives more understandable. Help you to choose the response. After all, if the phenomenon is familiar, that means there are already established ways to interact with him. This is limiting the impact of the terms. Lead a textbook example of the theory of inventive problem solving. Astronauts on the space station you need to keep records. So, need a pen! But the pen in zero gravity is not working. The ink is not flowing to the ball. The Americans have invested heavily in developing a pen that works in zero gravity. In the Soviet Union came easier. Rejected the term "handle". Described the desired effect: "something that leaves a mark on the paper." And this may be pencil. It does not depend on gravity, it leaves a trail due to the friction! The pencil is worth a penny. This example shows how the word "pen" has restricted the choice of solutions.

How the barrier manifests itself in psychological work, or counseling? Consider this often-used term "resistance". Those who have been working on themselves, might observe that ignores some of the topics. Bypasses them your attention, or can't focus to work on them. He decides, "Aha! This resistance!". What does he do next? It begins with courage to overcome, to combat it by force or cunning. But the more he struggles, the stronger the resistance becomes! Of course, sooner or later, he will succeed, but how long it will take effort and nerves?

What happens if you forget that there is a term "resistance"? Then, when faced with "difficult" topics, you'll have to describe what was happening to him. Here's how it might look: "I feel tension in the body, rising in me irritation, I want to drop a note!". Let's go further. Assume that the word "irritation" is also forgotten. Then the internal monologue would be: "I feel tension in the body, in me the heat rises, breath quickens, I want to growl... Like a tiger!". Further can be embodied in the image of a tiger. To understand what quality expresses this "inner tiger". To find a use for it in life. For example, during one counseling session, my client came to the conclusion that he didn't need to change for the sake of others. He is an introvert, requested: "How to be sociable, to tie useful contacts?". When he practiced self-presentation, he exploded: "I can't do it! Not mine at all!". We decided to enhance this flash. Then he gave a monologue: "Yes, as you can adjust to the requirements of the majority! I know I'm an interesting person! A lot of people can be useful, how do I prove that to him! Why do I those who do not see my values!?". During this monologue, he took the stand at the speaker, his gestures were the natural and open, it is easily kept eye contact. He was shocked and I too. The realization of self-worth is what he needed. Then, he told me with surprise that many people began to look for opportunities to meet him. But we can through frequent repetition to break down resistance and make this "freaking" self-presentation. He would have learned the "right" to present itself, but the awareness of their own values could not occur.

Dear readers! If you can work on yourself, or are you a psychologist who helps in this kind of work other people try from time to time waive terms and diagnoses, but simply explore what's happening without giving any names. Describe, but do not call. This technique will allow you to see more possibilities for solutions to the challenges posed by life.

In this article, the attentive reader may have noticed a number of terms. He can say, "why are you, the author, himself not follow his recommendations!". Follow, but not always, and what you want. Not worth it fanatical to use a mastered technique. Be flexible, make the world more clear and understandable by using terms, and then forget about them if needed! Good luck!

Kurenchanin Alex
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