don't give up. Lifehack.


In life there are moments when the despair of repeated actions, unfulfilled expectations and fear of the inevitable and possible  overpower faith, and there comes a collapse. I'm going to forgotten the place from where oblivion knocks the ice ferry. In this place there is only doom. Something. To work, breathe and live. Till death... no hope, No my life, the life I wanted. Familiar?


How to overcome moments of falling into despair, keep the faith and desire to live? It is important to allow yourself to sink deep to feel the bottom, and then look at this scenario as a possible. But I can different.  to Disappear. What else?


everything you can to look a little different, thoughts affect. I'm on the plane. I worry about the vulnerability of life and the need to work up a sweat. I'm scared. Remember that now you're in the plane, separates you from the sky a little iron. The height of the fall. The protection of our very fragile.

we Have to admit that I'm not protected the world from his blind blows, the element is very close, all I from the elements separates - flimsy, vague and relative. But I somehow settled on that plane?

Next the girl got the pillow, put on the headphones and indulged in a rest. I eat, sleep, rest, and go to the toilet in that little plane in the sky! A model of life. Life is an adventure. I have a few hours to settle down and to create something if I really want.

to Create and to create is very difficult. Need energy. And take it from thoughts about the fragility and finiteness. Because if unsteadily and quickly, you want to move your feet. Don't give up. Time this machine will grind and not notice. I want to be noticed. Even to remain.

the Abyss of despair helps to look at ourselves in the world. To take responsibility for these days and years to stay and be counted. Not to be a robot, doomed to otmuchilsya and disappear, and to bring alive and valuable in their lives.

thoughts of death, fear must be heard and do what we should can work miracles. Recently, a desperate woman, now I write in plane text because I can't wait to shout louder: the world is me! Hear me, because it is fragile and fast, and I want to play.

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