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Undoubtedly, the theme of building relationships is important as for men the same for women, but in my experience, all women feel a greater interest in these issues. And most probably common among them is "Why can't I create this relationship?" To answer this question it is necessary to imagine how a real woman refers to men, in General, and what criteria it will use when choosing a partner.

one can Often observe the following situation: a woman convinced himself (possibly the result of a failed relationship), is that decent men there. Broadcast to others their negative attitude to all males. The slogan of these ladies is often a well-known phrase that "all men are goats". The attitude these women have towards men filled with aggression and resentment. And, often, no specifics in this, only General statements and generalizations. Under such circumstances, to rely on what appears like a fairy tale, Prince on a white horse is not necessary.

If the woman does not like men at all, then it is better to leave them alone. At least until such time as her views will not change, but aggression will not be minimized. These questions it is possible to work with a specialist.

one More thing. It is the choice of a partner. Some women tend not to pay attention to the fact that the acquisition of the relationship, entails a rejection of some of their habits and comfortable patterns of behavior (this is true for men). That is a superficial approach to this aspect sometimes leads to a rift in the pair.

the Aggression of women against men are also destructive to the children. The boy's mother, who is experiencing aggression p men can hardly count on a real warm relationship with the closest person-mom. A woman will unconsciously transfer their attitude to men in son. The result of this model of education is not difficult to predict. Girls, in such conditions, get a stable enough installation, with regard to men. Later, as a rule they also do not stack with the representatives of the stronger sex and their life is not happy.

Some women who have such an attitude men don't even want to think about the specific reasons for its occurrence. But if you honestly try to understand, maybe many problems could have been avoided. The main thing is not to deceive themselves.

it sometimes Happens that a woman tries to cope with a man (as in the Boxing ring), often it does not end and the woman begins to weary of relationships with men, which naturally leads to nothing good. And can cause aggression.

it is Important to understand that mindsets and honesty towards one's own thoughts and feelings and their causes is the Foundation of a happy life.

Live with joy! Anton Black.

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Anton Yurievich
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