Don't need to love yourself


so. Everywhere you can hear "love yourself". I know one sure thing that can be called similar wording. This of course, drumroll, Masturbation. Process when a person consistently loves himself.
And everything else that is embedded in this concept is the result of a psychotic breakdown, expressed in the language. That is, there are two parts. One likes/dislikes, and the second is loved/unloved. That is, you are just Mary or nick, and the combination of some individuals with different needs and values. What the ...
a quote from the ICD (list of diseases): "Dissociative identity disorder is a very rare mental disorder from the group of dissociative disorders in which the personality splits, and it seems that the body of one person has several different personalities ...".
Let's be careful with these forms of speech. Is the imposition of cleavage everywhere. Everything I write and say love yourself, take care of yourself, stay true to yourself, etc.
I also say so. Address to the client with the request to think - "why are you yourself so punish," for example. For such questions you can get a lot of awareness, understandings. It is a tool. It works. But that's not all.
it is Important to understand, where did you get the part of him who punishes, hates, shames, and more. It's not you. It is not natural. Think, the cat will not confess itself. If you are going to scold her, she will be afraid. But no, go on.
Punishing, cruel or just insensitive part is other people, their attitude towards you. Parents with their inevitable errors, beloved, friends. Those who allow themselves to treat you bad, hurt, hurt, betrayed. Even after parting with these people, we continue to themselves so treated.
it is Clear that the child is not having other environment learns the attitude and image of yourself without criticism. If you hate me, mad at me, and betrayed, and still teaches, that I myself am guilty - I agree, that's fine, that's okay. In adolescence same with lovers and "best friends". The children of other parents, with cockroaches, begin to love us in their own way. For example, to control and to humiliate, to fix. All exclusively in the direction of love. So what? Differently don't they know they were loved like that. They generously share your love, and you answered his version. 😂Poor teenagers.
And so on. We absorb the options and develop as a person.
I'll tell you a secret. No need to continue to love myself like you did others. You have the right to choose what you need and what you do not need to give back. Care to return the flow of shit to the owner, it can be useful even to him.
Yes, it is necessary to learn. It's not easy. It's a long time. It makes your life happy. Where the you is not necessary as that especially to love yourself, because it is natural. It's me, how else?
▶What am I doing with myself?
▶what's it like, who did that to me?
▶to return to the owner. Enough to speak and feel. "It's yours, take it"
▶to See her, to find their options. Accustomed to be ashamed of in this place, my mother always shamed for the obsession. Shame returned to the mother. Look, but it's nice to be the center of attention and drive. This is mine, this I am.

Anastasiya Sapozhnikova
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