Don't overdo it (Not peristerica)


- we lost our "boy," said the nurse when I came to work that morning. - Just relatives to him earlier today. Time to say goodbye.

Seems to be not going to another person "there", and here is how it turned out.

serious illness. The supine patient. 50 years.

Before the weekend we spoke with him, he even attempted to smile. Nicholas* said in a whisper. And his roommate tried to answer my questions instead of him, so I heard.

And in the beginning of the week the doctor said that the patient has depression, and he asked me to talk to him. Nicholas refused to eat, didn't want to talk to anyone.

Suicide risk is absent, since the patient was weakened by illness. So I decided that the person has the right and depressed, sitting a little while with him and left.

Then there was the drip and an oxygen concentrator.

I touched the cold hands of Nicholas. He in no way showed that I was leaving, but to leave too. I'm a little stayed in his room, and went to other patients.

Perhaps, death may look to the person not noticeable to others and enchant it to make it so that he would no longer be able to pay attention to anything external. For him, nothing remains outside, and the whole world, the whole universe as if you're inside, then to fly together with the soul to Heaven, to God.

At times I need to say anything. You can just be quiet. Just to sit in.

that day I was driving home from work through the Park. Sat down on a bench, lost in thought. Soon the shop came hooded crow, settled near, and began me to look at. It was a feeling she understand what I think understands what I feel. I gave her a bread. Raven gladly devoured it, told me "thank you" and flew away. Like a someone close soul took the form of a bird to meet me and say, "here I am. I'm with you. Don't be sad".

... In giving we gain,
forgiveness we are forgiven
And in dying that we are born to eternal life
(Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi)

(*Name of patient changed)


- our Palmer "hlopchyk", - pavella medsestra, Kali I pryshla Ranchi on pracu. - Acres I swak Yes Iago core prichozi. Paspel rasist.

Sdavalsa, I don't sibrica chalavek ASCE "amplitude" and eighth Yak atrymalasa.

Cajka hvoroba. Legacy, patient. 50 Hado.

Peyrade vyhodnym we link im rasmalai. Yong hawary septum. And agony sosed PA Palace mcnutt accusati on may pytanni subst Iago, tamu nya I see Pacula. But patient navat RAB sproby simbacca.

napadu tidna RAC skaza into ¡paciente depresja, I papras Myane pagavarit link im. Mkali* admass hell Jerzy, not jada hi s flat rasmalai.

Acidalia ryzyka adsutil, Bo patient by oslablen harobi. Tamu I virisila into chalavek may law I depresy, kriho pabila pabac link im I pisla.

Potym byli grobelny I clarady concentrator.

I degranulate Yes holodnyh hands Mcala. Yong NACM chinam not pakasa, cab I sikozu, but I KAB satawalese - taksama. I kriju pabila ¡agony Palace, I pichla Yes NSIH paziente.

Napana, semerci Mozhayev Sasol Yes chalaveka nezavisna for NSIH I zacharovich Iago: traci so into Yong was Budza nya zdolny hi shvartze pay attention to what senesne. For Iago go ncogo not zastepcza call and was sosvet nbyte, apaneca nutri, cab potym Palazzi times s soul Yes Heaven, Yes God.

takiya HWY nya treba nooga kazazi. VARTA easy pamatai. Simple paprastai.

the Zen I vartelas s pracy demo Praz Park. Sat on lavacca, zadumalsja. Nesibova on lavacca Priscila Sara Varona, meadowlea pabac, I Pacula Myane razglednice. It was such odczuwalne into Jan resumee, AB Chym I think resumee into ¡Myane on yourself. I was acetabula jaja breads. Varona s sadalanan pajama Iago, said to me, “dzyak”, I palazola distances. Nbyte cyatic blsa soul was pranala ablcc Tusk, cab, strazza sa me I skazali: “I'm here. I pabac. Not sumui.”

... Adduce, we nebyvaet
Probcause, utrymlivaje pramocaine
I puruchi, we naragenze Yes Gaziza vicinage
(Malta svetoga Francis Asscake)

(*Of paciente zmenena)

Marina Bobrovskaya
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