Don't punish their children with silence.


the largest and Most portable hard children's fear and in adult life constantly reminds me, is the fear of losing parental love. Many parents strictly for educational purposes using the method of ignoring, i.e., cease to talk, to interact with the child, strongly demonstrating the alienation and coldness, implying that because of his conduct/act as if they ceased to love him.

And, of course, you can understand the parents, because they do not use the belt or the angle with peas for punishment, do not humiliate or shout at your child, and use, in their opinion, a humane method of education, is quiet, apparently quite harmless.

But let's see what is happening at the moment with the child. When the external soft this method has the strongest destructive force to a child's psyche, leading to many neurological problems. Any adult people sensitive to disregard. What can be said about the baby? For him, the parent is on one step with God. He is everything to him. And my mother said, "you've got me so upset I don't love you anymore" is causing the child barely tolerated the horror, because the loss of contact with parents is perceived as a disaster and threat to the very existence in General. And then, in order to cope with their feelings, the child tries to recover/to regain lost contact. By any means: he cries, begs forgiveness, begs, promises that never again-never... it is absolutely truly believes in what he says. And at this point the parent think that that's it, awareness, understanding of their transgression that the method is really powerful. And in fact, the child is not aware at this moment, he is busy only in order to return the contact, an emotional bond with the mother, without which terribly scary, lonely and heartbreaking.

a Child needs emotional interactions with family members, which is bodily, visual, facial and verbal contact, primarily in order to feel affection and support. The reaction of the parents, their accessibility and responsiveness, support and guide a little person, give the opportunity to develop. Close emotional contact is the key to successful psychological, physical and mental development of the child. And if adult in the face of neglect and experiencing painful experiences in this regard, you may make new close ties, the child is in complete isolation. And then you should not rely on the awareness and improvement of his behavior. On the contrary, the child will be in the power of anger, fear, helplessness, suffering, depression and loneliness. These feelings never will support good behaviour and healthy relationships with family and others.

I wish you all happiness and prosperity.

sincerely, Elena.

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