Don't want


the lethargy is pretty common, everyone at least once in my life I caught myself on the treacherous thoughts, "nothing, really."
If the status is "unwillingness" is fast enough, it is likely overworked, tired, overworked and need only to relax as everything will return to normal. But sometimes apathy lingers for a long time and also becomes a painful experience, if apathy lasted more than two weeks, it's time to deal with it.

"Nothing you want" - want something so much that you may not want anything else.

What do You want? Abstract or real? Right now, better than yesterday? What is your desire You've hidden so deeply that it beats out the ice of Your limiting beliefs, causing a devastating sense of indifference to everything?

This desire there really is only You stopped to realize and to feel, and with it all the other desires.
"Overlap oxygen" to his desires causes frustration, frustration creates apathy.

frustration — a mental state that arises in a situation of impossibility of realization of those or other desires, or, in other words, in a situation of discrepancy of desires capacities. This situation can be regarded as to some extent traumatic.

What do You want so much that more can't want anything else?
When we are very hungry we can think about is food and nothing else we are not interested in (the exception happens in extreme situations).

Exercise for the resuscitation of desires:
Deliver the signal alert for every hour to every hour to ask yourself one simple answer:
"What I want now?" Right now, in real time, the most simple and sincere desire, for example, to walk down the street, ice cream, call a friend, etc. Write down wishes in a list for 3-5 days, possible, soon You will notice that began to do more and more and regularly listen to themselves and think about their needs.

"the Exercise power of dreams" will soon help You to answer the questions that have been raised in this article.

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