don'T waste your time, Darling!! ⠀

that's What I told myself before... that's What I'd put on his forehead and often looking in the mirror would remind myself. ⠀

the Only thing I regretted in my life, so it's about what they charge a penny on unnecessary and undignified process, and people. What it means unworthy, not suitable for me, those things I don't like. It's not an insult, it's a horrible feeling in my chest that I was going against myself. I'm betraying myself.
of Course, it was a good experience nurtured in me confidence and a clearer understanding of what I want, what I like, but now I want to write about it, to you saw in your life where you commit yourself and didn't do it, don't waste your time! ⠀

It is the bitterness I felt for the first time, selecting not your man. Terrible anger out on himself and later on his betraying himself, that just rushed out of fear of loneliness and bound himself by force. In I was just born a hatred and a wild desire to end the relationship. Because I felt that it was not mine and I just exchanged. ⠀

Then the same feeling I had in some processes in my work, when I felt that not being honest with themselves, that don't do what it wants, my soul, my heart, and of course, these projects have failed, and I was angry with myself , for not doing what I want, that I was working on fears and stereotypes! ⠀

This is a very painful feeling of betrayal itself. So do not betray yourself, do not waste your time and don't make yourself sick! ⠀

Today I live by the principle: "I choose only what suits me completely!" "I listen and don't rush yourself" it gives me the best results: ⠀
- favorite people around ⠀
- favorite thing ⠀
- supporting family ⠀
- favorite places ⠀
- strong gratitude ⠀
Today I am very grateful to myself for coming to this and do not waste your time more. And if I am in a hurry, then after take a different decision in the direction of your heart, and what you want. ⠀

And you can do what you want? Or you have the trauma of being selfish and you are afraid to live for yourself? Let's talk

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