Doubt is not always necessary to get rid of, they have to learn to live!


it would be cool: you take a pill and get rid of any addiction, or any fear, phobia, or became confident. The progress, psychologists, as scientists, all develop and become more popular, and tablets all does not appear. It seems true – this cannot exist in our reality. Most of the psychological problems of the mentally healthy person can be compared with atrophied or very poorly developed muscle that dangles and hangs, but does not work for its intended purpose. And in this analogy – this muscle, you can use the training to bring back to life, pump. Perhaps, given my methods will seem shocking, but they work. Self-doubt is not a death sentence, this is not necessary, and even harmful, to live my life. And the confidence is freedom, is the perfect tuning of the individual, which will substantially change your life. So, start training on pumping muscle of confidence.

don't be afraid to take risks and tune in to gradual change

don't expect smart reading of psychological article or even book you for one moment has changed and become a different person. This will not happen. But you can gradually focus on the end result. Achieve one intermediate goal after another, right moving forward, in the direction of change. One such change is the ability to make choices and take responsibility for their actions, and even risk. Very often the risk is not to be good and right in someone's eyes: "what will others think?". The fear of making mistakes is the most insidious killer of confidence. It is something you can admit that this is a very common argument in favor of inaction. To begin, try to adjust yourself to the simple things, realize that you will not suffer in fact, and will only become stronger. For example, one day you can take a chance and Express your opinion. Take a chance and start to defend it, and preferably do not merge after the first counterargument. Take a chance and call on the views of many people, but not to this neglect. All this is achieved gradually, step by step. To cope with the task easy, one day you will be able to begin to try himself as an actor in theatre, either as a superior, more responsible positions, etc.

Use a useful psychological life hacks using

One of the most popular areas of psychology based on the fact that not only human behavior can change through inner change of the individual, through the awareness, but also Vice versa – change the way you behave, and awareness and a profound transformation in the person will catch up. I.e. if the confidence is still there, but you have already started to work on this – you can help yourself by using certain postures and gestures, self-confident people. It could be the pose with legs wide apart, back straight and stomach sucked. Better yet – observe self-confident people: how they talk, how sit, how to stand, how to look. Watch and start copying. Over time, you will feel that your mind follows your actions.

well as help you to become more confident in yourself meditation – calm the mind, calm the flow of thoughts will help not to lose confidence. Healthy sleep and active physical exercise also affect how you feel.

Pump the main components of confidence

This is an adequate assessment of yourself, faith in your strength and you will succeed in beginning the work, optimism or a positive Outlook and approach to life (to yourself), compassion for yourself. A revision of these qualities, find out what else you could have done to develop them more or strengthen, begin with small, concrete steps. Perhaps you could be more tolerant of their own mistakes and shortcomings, not so much myself to eat and blame? Or better yet, learn to praise yourself for something? :) Or start to believe in something that will cope with the new task? And try to make something from this every day!

From doubt is not always necessary to get rid of, they have to learn to live!

Doubt, like fear and uncertainty is normal and natural things for humans. It is normal to experience fear, if you fall from a height. It is normal to experience doubt, if you launched a new ambitious business. Therefore it is not always the doubts need to get rid of if they are "properly prepare", they help to build faith.

When I was just starting to make their first steps into psychology, I doubted everything. That I will be able to help someone that I do know anything that I'm not hurt that I can achieve at least some results in their work. It was very shaky and scared. And at some point I realized that these doubts and fears growing my faith in yourself, in your strength. Growing experience and knowledge. And this is "an adequate assessment of their forces." And even today, after more than 9 years of practice, I still doubt it. My only doubts now are, as I like to say, "benevolent" character. They help me relax, to grow and to remain vigilant. Do not think that now I'm a great expert and know everything. The moral of the story is: be confident in your abilities, this does not mean that you will never experience doubt! This means that doubt will not slow you down that you learn to live with them, to obtain maximum use of them and sometimes completely get rid of them!

But the main rule that works for everyone, everywhere and always: if in doubt – act! Fear breeds fear and degradation. Thus, consciously ignore it, and he will have no other choice but to leave you!

Bogutskaya Olesya
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