Note, the art-therapist.

the Nature itself helps us through its beauty to develop, to form, to new knowledge. Autumn and nature inspired bright colors!

How to draw a maple leaf! It's simple. Draw the steps.
1.Stick to the center of her go even more
2.Just above from two sides by two short parallel sticks.
3.Smiles between the sticks. Like the smiley face!
4.Got the crown of each stick(with the point up!)

Voila, your leaf is ready!

make drawings with the baby-it's magic! First, consider only the leaf Name of its color, shape. Tell us what the leaf has veins. And tell us that the fall of a leaf is not enough sun, and it becomes so bright, and then fall to the spring, after the winter, to grow again. That the child has not developed a sense of loss to a poor leaf! View with a kid around, teach him to enjoy the World around them!

a Junior high school student will try with your help to draw a leaf. Help him with his presence or even let me draw on their own, but support that it is possible to fix it or try again , if the child is confused.If you lose all easy if you know how to do it! Give him confidence by saying what he has a beautiful leaf turned out!

drawing schoolboy very helpful gouache, as it can cover mistakes and make it at least 100 times!

Let the child know that if an error, it's important not to stop and to try again! Call and support his interest in the beautiful that draw on a separate sheet, also the leaf!

A senior high school student and adult also be surprised the simplicity. Tell them that anything is possible if you take and try! And perhaps it will strengthen their self-esteem, give strength and faith in yourself!

Often, we complicate simple things or not looking for solutions, trying to take the easy way out not to do. But when there is a small victory over himself, done a miracle:

kid to become more independent and freer,

the student is more confident, calmer moves school problems.

adult says "I can. I'll do it!"

Draw autumn! She is an inspiration.

Elena Kuzmina
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