you Know, I constantly meet with this symptom in psychotherapy. Especially in long-term psychotherapy, when we get to the core of the personality. 

growing up the child (my client) with pain says that in his childhood had constantly seen drinking drinking father or mother.

 This is a very traumatic memories that do not give to live quietly, to love yourself and others and even just to breathe the free breast.

Is that a constant shadow behind is already an adult, his painful childhood, the terrible pictures of drunken parents.  In adulthood, this translates into a phobia, a neurosis, a reluctance to have children, inability to find a pair of, or the inability to be in a normal healthy paired relationship.

they come, we work long and very very slowly come to that, what they could not admit even to himself. And it's scary. They consider it to be my sin.This is a death wish of his parents.

And, as you think it is possible to breathe freely, when is the head, in the chest, in the shower?

I think not.

And even success in career, personal life in such situations can give an imitation of happiness.

people can consider this man a very successful and accomplished. But if they knew how it is sometimes scary how to stop these childhood memories to live to be relaxed and to trust the world and people (even the closest).

And, apparently, about it so much is said and written... What's the point?

Alcoholism is a disease. Personality changes, breaks as a result of this disease. But sorry, time is a disease, how can you blame the sick?

Because nobody will come to blame the person that he has bad kidneys or heart. And to blame alcoholism - Yes.

Know why?

Because alcoholism is a social disease. And there is a stage where you still can stay, to save themselves, to save their children.

Recently, one of the tricks I came up with the idea: now, if to remove a series of videos where grown-up children of alcoholics parents recognized the terrible sin, share the most intimate, as they are not afraid, and even wish the death of their parents. Whose fault is it? Hard to say...

But I think that if even one of the thousands would help this information. Scared, probably... And stopped.

is it Possible?

on the one hand, would have stopped the man?

on the other hand, I understand that you can't remove these videos. Psychotherapy is a mystery.

and I think That all in vain?

what do you think?

On this subject I made a video on his YouTube channel, look it up if interested. But the important thing is write what I think, maybe you have your own story of forgiveness or unforgiveness? Understand the theme of a difficult and non-public, but if you can share, I would be grateful.

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