Therapy with oral aggression in eating behavior.

Signs of oral aggression:

    overeating hard foods : nuts, seeds, dried crackers, Chipiona speech (sarcastic, insulting, mocking)a tendency to ridicule, disputes the possession of the top in the conversation (to win the interlocutor)jokes, ridicule, gossip and toxic chatter about nothing, pouring into the ears, suggerierte, arguments, loud talking, team ricsoceania cigarettes, biting the corners of the mouth, biting of the lips or naptancode, the use of informal vocabulary also applies to oral aggression

Character dreams about losing teeth, which means fear of punishment for oral aggression.

Oral aggression is fixed in early development ( up to 12 months), if the child is not allowed to be: not allowed to cry or it was not heard or correctly interpreted: given a pacifier or breast, when he was not hungry.

Also formed at the stage of teething. Child shows oral aggression, biting her breast, the mother may be afraid of him crying, because they do not understand it, do not know how to soothe or lull, instead of satisfy the need.

Later the child accustomed to the fact that food is a symbol of obedience that is necessary is to be a good child, you can't spit out the food, you can not yell at mom, formed libidinose charged area in the region of the mouth that have not received a discharge, satisfaction, because in moments of irritation this area again requires voltage, or rather, through it, the voltage is reset - there is a need to chew on something constantly to irritate your mucous membranes and you want it to attack someone.

In such moments it is best to acknowledge your feelings and accept the fact that you are strange, you feel loneliness or abandonment issues, and be involved in the dispute may feel that you are not alone because there is someone to argue with.

the Most severe manifestation of oral aggression, compulsive and other types of overeating-- these complaints that people come to therapy, at the same time to recognize himself as rude in speech, it is quite difficult, despite the fact that they regularly report about this stranger. The ability to attack strangers or loved ones can be masterfully honed - after all, a manifestation of direct verbal aggression is avoided. But even in a mild form, such people are able to cause their comments severe pain to their loved ones.

Paradoxically in the treatment these people need awakening in them the ability to talk about your anger directly instead of having to pour your gnew in other forms, but this expression is connected to them with the fear of total loneliness and abandonment, of being misunderstood and nepriyatnosti.

Also have to find legitimate ways of expressing anger, learning them to speak about your anger so as not to hurt loved ones, what they are incredibly afraid.

to Talk about your feelings without anger - a huge opening for people, because at the stage 0-18 months main affect of a child is the fear of death and fear of abandonment, and the opportunity to speak about their feelings often seem destructive to them.

Finally, the recognition of the vast range of different feelings from the body that need to be met : give yourself a dream, to quench time thirst, give yourself a moment of peace instead of bite into solid food to feel irritated mucous membranes and the only way to feel your body.

Kulikova Marina
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