Each of us can increase their income by 30% (three different ways)


We go to work and get money for it.

  • We think that we pay for time worked and for "fatigue".
  • However, it is fundamentally wrong. Pay us for their professionalism.

Continuing the day-to-day to perform his usual duties, we get a predictable fixed outcome. However, if you can manage to "tweak" the basic settings, and the financial result will be entirely different.

Money is a fee for labour:

  • the more valuable your work for the employer (or for clients), the higher your salary.
  • Thus increasing its usefulness, you will automatically begin to earn more money.

There are 3 ways through which you can increase your income by 30-50%.

1) professional development.

This is the most affordable way (each of us can use it).

New skills will make you a "universal soldier", which will be doubly necessary (and useful) to his head:

  • It professionals receive the highest salaries.
  • They are constantly trying to "lure" to a new location, offering the most favorable conditions in the labor market.

2) Improving performance.

Personal effectiveness and performance have nothing to do with (because no one can work non-stop 24/7).

the performance Increase is quite the other way — you must start to lead other people.

once you learn how to work "outside" hands and brains, you immediately noticeable progress and level their income and career.

3) Change your region in which you live and work.

the same job, depending on the region — can bring absolutely different money.

now work through the options of moving to a place where your professional skills are valued much higher.

a Small hint: you Can do without physical moving today with the help of Internet you can easily find the remote work in any point of the globe.


  1. Choosing a new job, make sure it involves you decent prospects (you have room to grow).
  2. Take it easy, as the Americans say. Relax and act. In your best interest to move forward, not be stuck in the past.


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