Early matured children


Early matured children delight parents. They are Autonomous and independent. They are sensible beyond her years and very eager to become even more Mature.
Early matured children delight employers. They are responsible and ambitious, they offer ideas and projects, they take responsibility and pull it to the end, even if you already gave up and scored.
Previously growing children often delight their friends. They are obligatory and detailed, they can organize, guide, and help, to support, to listen.
Previously growing children often evoke admiration and often envy. They have goals and know how to achieve them, they rod like a tank and not give up, they make a career or business, they work from 4 am to 23 PM, when switching between work tasks, personal goals and family obligations.

the Only thing that does not have early matured children is the feeling that they someone could help, that someone wants to hear that their feelings are important and that they make sense. But there is a feeling of insecurity, that can be removed if all to take control.

For growth, development and maturation of the senses, it takes time. But before grown-up children it is not. And even not so important why. Maybe the child was orphaned early, can my parents drink, maybe beaten, maybe worked themselves and did not provide a sense of security to the child. But anyway, the child, when faced with the world, forced to solve problems on age before to grow up. Adulthood is a reliance on themselves, is the sense of responsibility for their lives. And so when the child becomes 8, 10, 12 years, believe me, he is confused and scared. And the only way to somehow reduce it is to get things under control.
And then, for survival begins to rapidly progress growing up, and "unnecessary" emotions (fear, confusion, insecurity) ignored switched off.

And earlier when grown-up children become adults, it is difficult for them to understand emotions. Their own, and partners. Partners often consider them to be aloof, detached and looped on something (work, hobby).
And the difficulty in recognizing their emotions often leads to dead ends, "I don't know what I want", "lost purpose in life", "I'm fine - the house, car, job / business, but do not want to live".
And I'm not talking about unmotivated mood swings, irritability, apathy, a sense of zagnannosti in a corner or as "squirrel in the wheel", etc.

Our life consists of three layers: feelings-thoughts-actions. And if we only know how to think and do, a huge part of life falls. And that is the sad fall of the quality. What nourishes and supports us. So if you look at something described, sign up for a meeting. It's being restored.

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