several client stories of sexual abuse at a very young age. And if on the clients I can not speak, what's to stop me to discuss the history of the heroine of the series "In treatment", Laura – thirty beauties, which at the time of the events in the series attends therapy for a year. In the story, she confessed her love to her therapist, and he painfully understands the situation – whether it is erotic transference, or real feelings. I may be a bit confused in the ages since imposed a true story, but Laura tells how her first sexual contact occurred in her 15 years with a man who was much older than her. She insisted that she wanted this, that she is fine about it to remember and nothing special about it experienced. Yes, at that time your mom dies, and the father, being depressed from the loss of a spouse, estranged from his daughter, and "not noticed" like staying at home for a few weeks a family friend seduces his daughter.

I remembered a recent conversation with a teacher on the course in family systemic therapy, which cited the example of the abuse of girls the age of 13 unfamiliar for adults man, and that this fact is not injured, but the experience was more about the fact that Lear. I then thought about the fact that this first experience at a young age can not impose a mark on psychosexual development in the future. It's one thing when two young man, a teenager, being in this transitional state of love-whether child, or already an adult, with a desire and attraction, discover a world of adult pleasures, the other is the conscious use of the naivety of a young girl, which, perhaps, "she wants sex", in his specific purposes. What is it all for girls 13,14,15,16 years old to want sex? Those physical sensations? Discuss the heroine of the film says, "I wanted he pulled me out of this nightmare of grief, and he just fucked me". Romance, idealization, the desire to be liked, to be wanted, loved, zatselovali operated by experienced men, and in my head there are images of Lolita. To be shagged – that's what she wanted? Right?

Paul, a psychotherapist in the series, continues the idea of the experience of Laura, which is very responded with my experience. It would seem that she "wanted it", but then her relationship with her men has been developing rapidly, the sex happened sometimes in the first day – like many of today's women. The experience of early abuse caused her to perceive itself, of interest only subject to sexual intimacy. Laura was hard to imagine that a man could love her without a rapid sex, and without sex.

I'm not a sexologist, and only receive education in this direction, but I can see that, Yes, early sex does not have to be traumatic and entail some manifestation of post-stress disorder, but what I see in my work, Kac this is reflected in the attitude to yourself, to your body, to the selection of partners, the perception of men as potential sexual partners, even if it is someone else's husband, boss, friend, husband or neighbor - it's difficult not to notice. And I want to make it visible, Yes.

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