One call is not enough!

If you sell a product or service on the phone, as I do, then know that the calls the decision maker should be 7 plus or minus 2. Preferably from 7 to 9! Then I will explain why. br>
somewhere from the posts I wrote that are selling both services and products, and since I make calls to customers throughout Russia, it can't physically go to them to negotiate. And it is almost a disaster, because all the textbooks, all the guru sales techniques suggests that the purpose of the call is not sales — and meeting!
However, we managed to get around the meeting and successfully sell over the phone. br>
we did?

first, due to the elaborated algorithm of the call. Properly structured sentences and clear language goals for each particular call (as I said calls must be at least 7, respectively, target must be different)! How to build algorithm a conversation on the phone — you can see from our training "Cold calls: active sales">

secondly, why do you need so many calls? In order to build trust. People can't see you, doesn't know... Why should he believe you? Believe that sell quality, good conditions for a reasonable (for the customer) prices... Trust is not formed immediately, it should be time-tested. But wait a long time to lose. Therefore it is necessary to increase the number of calls (under a different sauce) and call-to call.

third, the information the first time may not reach the recipient. Called at an inconvenient time — you immediately forget or a negative emotional connection for your call. This needs to be corrected. Or phoned, communicated well, sent the offer by mail, but the letter never came. You need to check whether there is information at the head or not.
Using our recommendations and experience of the company's sales passed the us training were able to significantly increase the return on cold calling, and increased sales. br>
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