Effective methods to achieve the desired result


As a rule until the desired result is not enough is small...
Some people cannot see the causes, and the other something else.
It can spread to all spheres of activity, for example in Finance:

...And here, you're going to get rich, made bag for the money, said goodbye to the thoughts that prevent to get rich, perform all the instructions, and the money as not, and was not...

You even learned and apply the three principles of money))
-To have money, you need to learn to earn them.
-Money and profession is not synonymous.
-money. the
And the desired amount of money is still there.

Learned all the secrets of the psychology of money))
-Money is flowing to where they are.
Away all negative things.
-Desire and argue!
-Money fears.
But the desired result did not come.

have Been to many trainings, but "things are there"...

If this sounds like you, offering to find and eliminate the cause of the methods:
-age-regressive correction
-formations NLP or
-simulating arrangement.


Age regression correction

Our life is a quest for comfortable feelings)) the desire to avoid any discomfort or to gain approval...
in my childhood or while in the womb, received a psychological trauma, we choose a specific scenario of behavior. And it establishes an imprint on all our lives. As a result, constantly find ourselves on the same "rake".


Simulation placement - this is a working method by which you easier and faster reach their goals or desires. You like would look in the mirror and see ourselves or our situations. at the same time, tend to occur the insight, you see the problem.. Requests for placement can be varied)) relationships, prosperity, health, etc.

NLP formations, I use anchoring into required state. She NLP alignment works with about these queries: in what state should I be to achieve....so-and-so... as a result you get your desired state and the key, using which you can quickly enter into this state.

Tarasenko Tetiana
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