Effective time management


"Truly great is the people,
who was able to master
your time!" (Hesiod)

Over the summer... finished the time of holidays...
for Any of us is no secret, as it is not easy to come back from vacation, and immediately to be in the midst of the work routine. The volume of cases that have accumulated in Your absence, you need to "rake" in a very short time. But there is also a whole range of new challenges!

And, of course, we all know that feeling, when an avalanche of urgent and not so urgent cases, literally, "covered his head", causing anxiety, increasing stress levels, activating feelings about possible errors etc.. however, many complain of chronic lack of time and effort. To get things going more productive and time is used more efficiently, I will tell you about simple but very effective exercise in time management:

For starters, let's try to define the difference between important and urgent tasks which You do daily. Watch your activities for the week and divide everything You do is a sign, consisting of 4 columns:

experience shows that we are more than half the time is spent on things not important to us, but often Express for others. If, for example, half of Your answers fell into the list of "unimportant and urgent", then You are obviously often do something to please others. You can't say "No" and often allow others to define Your life and leadership.

Such a plan, ideally daily, and gradually you should get in the habit. And then You can easily learn how to "filter" tasks according to importance and prioritize. This will be the first step to significantly reduce the burden and to relieve You from the constant feeling of "avalanches" of various duties and tasks.

Remember: effective behavior and self-determination is really important things!

PS In one of the following notes You will learn how to combine this technique with a Model of balance of positive psychotherapy and to make time effectively to work for You in all areas of life!


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