1. The best way to have a handy servant to pay her child in a miserable slave. 

Just put him in critical diet without affection, approval and support, and if necessary, this hungry creature will run to fulfill your every whim, hoping to get at least a look of approval. Will it be able to move mountains for your kind words. And to give his life for the hug. Feeding him little by little, you get a loyal and hardy soldiers who will serve and worship you. And it can last a very long time.

But often you admit one mistake. Remember that if you stop feeding the baby at all, over time he gets used to being hungry. Or starts to eat itself. Then you are useless to demand from it obedience and blackmail him with dislike. He doesn't care. You are left alone. And then you find yourself emotionally hungry. You've lost the one who loved and fed you all this time just so.

2. Don't spoil your baby with hugs, kisses and words of love. Then he did run all over you and will be happy. He will continue to smile and live life to the fullest. And even when he would cry and suffer from pain, don't come to his aid. Possible abuse and let's understand that he is guilty. Otherwise, even with tears in his eyes he can feel the support and security, and it'll spoil. He is capable of nothing by himself. Will walk, smile and get assistance in a time when to help out he will have you. After all, you gave birth to him, raised and shown how the world is not fair. 

3. Often lie to their child. He still trusts you. Telling the truth about his feelings, habits. Say good things about bad people. Say that the school will be fine. That money is evil. Good people are the only ones that work like dray horses. And that only good people are constantly deceived , used and oppressed. And do those bad things that in the money. Tell the children that you are a good person because firmly carry all the suffering of this mortal world on their shoulders. Highlight particularly that this is all just for him. And when he has kids, he'll understand what you were going for him. Be sure to say it will certainly be waiting for your child in the future and compel him guilt. It will quickly grow up and care about you. Particularly impressive to lie about the fact that you feel bad , and theatrical “Pomona" show him how you are important and that all his problems are nothing compared to yours. Sometimes you say that you love him, not forgetting to knock from time to time with a belt in order to education. Say that he is a lazy pig, when sitting in a chair and supervise its cleaning your apartment. Say that washing dishes is the best thing in the world, and your child is sure to enjoy it daily. After all, all the best to the children. Say how bad he is studying, but says nothing about their assessments in the past. Tell him that you know better how to live, because you are more experienced and have lived the life. Don't forget to lie about what your child is worthless and capable of nothing without you. Talk about it to other people. Otherwise it doesn't fulfill all your dreams and desires and how to leave you, because he already knows how to do all the adult work is not worse than you. And you have to face your reality.

4. Ignore your child. His opinion should never be heard. Let him know how to think properly. Let them think like you. For this react only on their thoughts and actions. Its the same interrupt more often. Anyway - don't listen, because he speaks complete nonsense. How can he even say anything useful?

5. Hold your child. Then he will not be able to achieve what has not reached you. It will always depend on you, and “warm” in the rays of your success. Get him to the factory where you worked all my life and became captain of the team leaders. Remember where you started? Let your child also begins with the porter. First, he will understand how hard it was for you. Secondly, it is a time-tested work, and therefore reliable. No matter what the second year the company want to close due to an emergency condition of the building. Thirdly, let start even with something, but we'll work a few years and the increase will get. Hurry to arrange it, until he came under the influence of weak currents. And wants more businesses to open and God forbid he will succeed!

6. Take all the time of the child their thoughts and their problems. Learn how to think and act as adult. Let solve your problems. You gave birth to him, raised, reared, and work for it tirelessly. And you have no time at all, let him help you. It is very comfortable, believe me, when it is necessary to solve the problem - you go to the child, “ship” and then leave. It is still nothing to do. Let digest. If you find the exit, okay. You will not find, it is not your problem.

7. Laugh at your child. This will harden him and he will know his place. Let him feel self-doubt and then you do not have had to blush for him, when he suddenly want to say my opinion. Laugh at him and his opinion, then he ten times will think before to say anything. 

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