a Couple of years ago I was at a festival at sand therapy.

the event was Opened by B. Meltzer, and then went to work in various workshops.

I was curious about everything, but among others, I went to a master class on the topic of "Ego in the power of the great mother".

Until then (and even now) I am familiar with angelinskiy approach, nodding. 

But nasapace were familiar with the concept of a group speaker, for many years accompanying various organizational changes in companies. 

the Theme struck me.  To further their work with families and social groups I have noticed this destructive trend, when the Ego was in the power of the great mother.

for starters let me Explain to those who are far from the topic. The main provisions of K. G. Jung about the development of the human soul in my clumsy and modest interpretations boil down to the fact that the whole movement of life starts from Paradise (fetal development, when the needs are met even before their perception) to death (the ideal of Paradise, too) through actual life is a Heroic journey of victories and defeats. 

the Original concept of the world was matriarchal principle is the leading deity was a Woman. Aggression women is not about killing a spear, as did the Man, and in the absorption. With the development of the world increasingly comes to the fore the masculine archetypes and roles, the image of a deity also becomes male. Patriarchal systems become more Mature systems, because they have the rule of law.

In the book of Ephraim "Thais" easy to trace the path from female Deities and the rule of "female" to a more aggressive male. Interesting image of the priestesses of the temple of the great Mother, clad in a network. If a man who liked the priestess could not break the net, the priestess was killed by a special knife. If burst - they had to live with a family at the temple. This is a very powerful image.

Almost all world religions and Vedic knowledge encourage woman to more of a driven role, to different practices of conservation of energy to clean, then to share it with a man more active in the social space. It  in such a Patriarchal model of development is perhaps the most harmoniously and naturally, in line with the General direction of a certain world development.

Inside the person, divided into the Anima and Animus growing up and maturity involves increasing awareness: the rule of law, rational conclusions about the emotional currents. 

the Mentality of our country, probably built in the turmoil of many wars and repression, in which perished a great number of the male population, while women are left unprotected and frightened as if cemented this position "insecurity and ispoganili" many women in leadership. Action and control out of fear.

In the practice of family psychologist, I often encounter situations when the woman before marriage has a script "to give birth to himself" for example. Or when, even with externally dependent and passive role at home (not working, all she does is housework and children) actually controls and even manages to humiliate, blaming the immaturity and weakness of both husband and sons. 

I see and read a lot of articles about domestic violence related to aggression (mostly physical) husband, but personally, I see a lot of stories with the opposite emotional violence. 

it is Obvious that women behave "the good life". Very often, their Ego continues to be at the mercy of their Mother, and they have not found yet a complete separation. Often it is "scared" women who carry this momentum from your childhood or of previous generations, demostriruet painful control and authority from which they suffer. 

According to the principle of "like to like" you are men with the same speakers, not able to "break the net" and "dying at the hands of" his wife, who continues to be unhappy and unfulfilled. 

Such families do not develop. They roll in a circle in a symbiotic tangle, and someone first has to start the separation, then "matriarchal mess" lined up in some reasonable all the possible hierarchies, rules and law of the Father. 

the same thing happens in the collective and social dynamics. At the initial stage often (it is known to all of the organizational consultants) the system has a stage "dogs" with unmarked boundaries and a large number are irrational. However, prolonged freezes in this phase prevents the development. 

I know several organizations and companies that are "bet" on a "sucking women's  structure" aggression that is not to expansive movement and winning, and in the adoption, absorption and dissolution. To be healthy, Mature employees difficult. People in such organizations are often sick, there are often emotional, not constructive conflicts, despite the attention to the staff, which can be expressed in tea, buns, corporate get-togethers.&As a rule these organizations do not initiate anything new to the world, and only processed incoming requirements and orders, often with minimum resources to do so. In order to develop they need to get at least at a partner level of communication with counter-agents and not overwork tasks (often quite formal, with a large number of trivial deception) coming from outside. 

All this, in my opinion consequences, "not born of the Ego" of the family, the organization and their specific members. 

I would like to say a quote of R. Labelmaster results in the beginning of his book "the Roots of love" "once you were born through your parents. The second time you have to be born from ourselves".

I Believe any treatment becomes a kind of "midwife" in this birth. 

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