Emotion is our enemy or helper?

anyone who has tried to talk to friends and family about their difficulties, would probably often hear in response, "wonderful" advice that we should just calm down, not to worry, to wait and life will improve by itself, all will be well.

In the modern society stereotypes limit the display of emotions: equanimity and a positive attitude, enjoying life - these are the qualities that are considered valuable and encouraged. Whatever our true feelings, we strive to meet the "positive" way, because otherwise you risk to be rejected by others. It turns out that it is impossible to admit to others in their anger, sadness, jealousy, grudge, animosity or envy. Few people want to learn about what we really feel.

Often it also happens that the role of any emotions and feelings, even positive, is ignored. They have to suppress and displace. Lost the ability to constructively worry, impaired mental and somatic health.

Total control over outward expression of emotion leads to disease and feeling dull, meaningless life. Instead, you should learn to regulate your feelings, give them a discharge in constructive ways that do not violate the interests of other people.

in addition, the destructive emotions can be transformed into constructive, make them his helpers to get to work for their own benefit!

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