more and more nowadays, the trend of refusal (partial refusal) from the milk (bottle) infants. HOW? We ask, is that even possible, after all, a newborn is equipped with a survival instinct and have the necessary reflexes (sucking, in this case).

What is really happening in the psyche of the child when he refuses food offered by parents (alternate parent) because it is contrary to the trite device of a person who must survive!

the answer to the question is certainly not simple and one-sided. From personal experience with such young patients and collecting history of development and interaction with the child, together with our colleagues we came to certain conclusions, confirmed by the conducted statistics and statistics of foreign colleagues.

Emotional attachment is a necessary element for the development of the psyche of the child and his physical development. When a mother with a major depressive episode (see "Dead mother" A. green) purely mechanically precluded the baby to the breast, the child sucking, but later usually makes it very slow, then skips a feeding, and may even refuse not only from the breast, but also bottles, offered by the mother. Emotional "bridge" between the child and the mother will not evolve at all; symbiosis necessary at this stage of development is not formed, the affection, and if it is, then what is its nature?

Sometimes, the kid appears in a pair, which is saturated with their children's feelings, anxieties and fears (child abusy, ignoring parental figures, etc.) and the child becomes the repository of all their troubles. Most promise to the child outwardly positive, but the fear to cause him displeasure is very high. In such cases, parents direct their aggression at each other, the child's attitude is positive, but with a hint of hostility, as the kids alarm parents are not Mature and in consequence we observed astronautalis tubes in children, or trying to carefully feed the baby from Papetti.

Puhovskaja Natalia
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