Emotional intelligence. Only 4 steps of expressing emotions



There is another issue, which always speak with clients.

every day working with people for several years, I was convinced that the lack of understanding of his own feelings - is the scourge of modern society. And I think that in our country it is particularly expressed "thanks" to the prevailing wisdom in the past to for many years political regime. After all, tradition is to respect the needs and feelings of a particular person was not. On the contrary, his own feelings were put into last place. As in that joke: "First, people go, then we go!"

For many people, the emotions and feelings they and other people experience, can be counted on the fingers of one hand and one hand. And that these feelings to recognize quickly even out of the question.

When dealing 80% of the information we receive in the form of non-verbal signs (facial expressions, gestures, micro movements of hands, feet, lips). We read this information unconsciously.

So it's time to introduce the concept of "Emotional intelligence". This ability to identify emotions and feelings from themselves and others, to control them in different situations and to Express in relationships with people.

There is a short and simple algorithm work with emotions, you can begin to use right this moment:

1. Be AWARE of the arising emotion, i.e. catch myself "feeling that you are now experiencing something".

2. mark the words, VERBALIZE their feelings, i.e. give the "name" of the emotions. For example: joy, interest, sadness, irritation, anger, etc.

3. accept the fact that you are just now EXPERIENCING the indicated feeling.

4. now try to respond to it, i.e., Express this emotion "in any action": smile or shout, begin to laugh and stomp your feet or leg, hug a loved one(th) or dash to run that is urine! Let open any "corridor" or "portal" action, where you will unleash the energy of this feeling!

In the comments I would be interested to hear the answer to the question: what for you it is not easy to get, what you feel now?

good Luck!

Ivan Gorbachev
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