Emotion is an integral part of our nature, which is not always important, but that they do not cease to be important to us. Emotions affect our thought processes, as well as thoughts influence emotions. Emotion is created instantly as a flash based on the thinking process, but an emotional reaction is formed in accordance with the knowledge which we were previously laid, even from birth imprinted in the memory. For this reason, we can react to the same thing are completely different.

For one person a bouquet of flowers can cause happy emotions associated with the holiday or celebration, for another sad associated with sadness and sorrowful events. So many red carnations are associated with sadness, as is often used in events connected with the memory of the dead people. Accordingly, emotions and feelings are formed in the thought process based on those commits.

Emotion is a reaction, born of the momentary, the feeling is arising in the moment emotional outburst are characterized by more complex and lengthy condition. It is a mechanism in which every detail is important , engaging in its primary role continues to run further processes. And emotions and feelings depend on our perceptions, thoughts, imprints, fixations, any word obtained in the course of life experience, but also affect the further formation of new imprints in the conscious and the subconscious. And we are largely responsible for emotions and feelings, rather than those people or circumstances that influenced their formation. Our emotions and feelings are the result of mental activity, a reaction to the interpretation of our consciousness, a situation which turned the stimulator. Due to the fact that the experience is all different, the reactions generating different emotional state, emotions and feelings can be constructive, giving the opportunity for change, growth, stability, stability , strength, faith, etc.; and destructive and destructive, hampering the implementation knocked off balance, etc, we give birth to emotions and depend on their effect on us and our condition now, later, and on our future.

In a state of emotional fatigue and instability are the most important to pay attention and deal with the source of such a reaction. To know the reasons for falling into the trap of their own emotional reactions. Dismantle not just take time but because we ourselves caused by these emotions, then you look for evidence ,explanation and excuse myself, translating into other charges, and are stuck in a vicious circle, repeated from time to time. So acquiring illusions about the fact that we coped with the conflict situation, wonder why it happened again. And maybe to solve it really. The conflict will continue to live next to us like a shadow, looking for the right moment to get out of it. Inevitably, any illusion will be collapse, no wonder she is compared to a sand castle. Yes, sooner or later, the new wave will wash it and You will have the choice to build a new castle , or to spend time and to get out of this circle.

to get you to start yourself, is to find the power to stop turning a blind eye and convince themselves that it's not, I create emotions and feelings, and someone . Dare to look into the dark corners of Your subconscious, to get on a completely conscious level and work with what we have. We are different, unique, special and what is happening in our subconscious mind is unknown, and therefore to give a definite answer is impossible. But there are techniques, directions in psychology, algorithms that can be useful in your work. Get to know yourself and become happier, open the door and take a step towards change will allow you to change reaction and thus give birth to new feelings and emotions.

good luck.

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