I am often faced with the fact that among non-professionals, and sometimes among psychologists there is confusion in the understanding of the different emotional phenomena. Feelings, emotions and sensations are used as synonyms. Affect, mood, sense, emotion and feeling ARE NOT identical and cannot differ from each other by the power of manifestation, the categories more or less. I would like to spend some significant differences between these concepts.
so, what is the affect?
in order to have any affect, the event should already done. For example, when I wander in the woods, you can experience anxiety (emotion), but when you meet a wild boar, there is a passion. Why do we need affects? They are, as it applied to the situation or object of psychological label (e.g. "dangerous"). When in the future a situation arises that is somewhat reminiscent of a meeting with wild boar, there is a passion.
i.e., affect "stick" to the situation, mark it to warn people of the danger.
In a sense, the "Velcro" of passion is very persuasive, she gets into a situation to protect people, to warn him, as if to remind me each time "and not whether it". In the future the affect I get when I hear a rustle in the woods, hrustovo branch, the cry of a bird, which, though something like the roar of a wild boar.
It's a biological example. But the passion may mark and social situation, for example, the situation of public speaking. The passions there is one unpleasant feature – they accumulate in the repetition of the situation (meeting with the boar, public speaking, etc.) and when "the Cup overflows" is an unpleasant emotional outburst.
What is an emotion?
Emotions are very closely connected with the motives .If the appearance of affect you want the situation has already occurred (with wild boar), the emotions may relate to events that have NOT yet OCCURRED.
There is a stereotypical notion that affect is different from simple emotions in its intensity, turbulent flow, and say "flash of passion". But the emotions do not differ from affects the power of experiences! I repeat that the problem of passion to put a mark on significant situation, and the task of emotions is to ANTICIPATE this situation. Also, emotions don't "stick" as the affects to the situation or object, although may be saved. For example, you may remember how I was worried before the exam.
the affect can be anticipated and cause emotional distress. You can even experience a very strong emotion like "fear to be afraid".
What is the mood?
And there are still States that arise AFTER the situation has passed. They are called moods. They are durable and often lighter. Mood – a kind cues that encourage us to mentally go back in time and change something, to rethink something. For example, a person may be ugly mood at the end of the day. But until he understands exactly what it involves. And here he recalls the events that happened to him during the day. And notice that negative mood increases when he recalls how a friend told me about his success in business. And if people are honest with yourself, then understand that experiencing envy that in fact it is not so glad to the achievements of his friend as he thought. So why do we need mood? To go back and rethink it, to change something in yourself or the situation.
What are feelings? the
Feelings are a form of generalization emotions. In the human mind is a generalization of that presented, for example, image, symbol, idea. But the feelings there is always some real or ideal OBJECT. Ie, a feeling unlike emotion, affect and sentiment ALWAYS refers to someone or something.
Feelings can be experienced to a particular subject, for example, a memorable statuette, which stands you have on the shelf. But the figurine is representative of something else, for example, the person who gave it to you. Ie feel about the subject, but the subject, as it "symbolizes" something bigger and often untold. For the religious person so the subject can be a crucifixion.
What a feeling?
And the feeling is just a mental reflection of the impacts on our senses. We can feel the heat, thirst, hunger, pressure, smell, taste, vibration, red, pain, the pitch of the sound, its timbre and volume.
so, to avoid confusion:
the Affect is an emotional "label" on the situation.
Actually the emotion is the anticipation of the event and a "rating" of how this situation corresponds with the motives of the person.
Mood is the "plume" from the past situation. the
Sense is relevant to the subject matter.
Feeling is a reflection of the individual qualities of the surrounding world (acidic, wet, blue, etc.)

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