Emotions. Part 2. Repressed emotions.


I often hear or read arguments about what kind of magic way to take and get rid of unwanted emotions, because they feel it is impossible, not good, not valuable and not useful. I remember a girl who was very unhappy with myself for the fact that she yelled at her friend. A second before the cry of the friend stepped on her new white sneakers for the 5th time. I remember a friend who claimed that he never discusses work coming home. He made great efforts for the development of this skill, built a theory of why you need to live that way and called upon all to their faith. This raises a number of questions. One of which: where has he to do with these emotions? If he does not allow negativity to come out, so the experience comfortable living in the body. It is not the emotions experienced do not disappear by themselves. It is possible to suppress the expression of the emotions, but not to destroy it.

is it Possible to live without negative emotions? unfortunately not. Emotions show us that something is not right, something needs to change. With the strong negative emotions you need to work convenient way for you since they roll in health.

I was always interested in bright, parenting advice, when a child is hurt, insulted, struck. What did he say? "Oh, never mind, he is." How it would be useful to denote this emotion, support and give information on what to do and how to treat this. For example: "it looks like it hurt. It's not fair ... when this happens. This boy ain't right...".

you Can hide the emotion behind arguments and theories (as is the case with my friend and his work), but then that emotion will manifest itself in other ways. In addition, it will affect the health and will begin to manifest in your life through action. For example, the offended wife to wash the clothes of her husband with his phone and wallet.

If you prick with a needle – hurts you, and you don't want to be pricked by the needle further. It will be strange and very unexpected, if you do not notice the pricks of needles.

in addition, to suppress the emotions you need to put a lot of effort. Sometimes emotions have to literally restrain their own muscles. These forces need somewhere to take. Accordingly, where the strength will be missed.

So what happens if we suppress their emotions instead of finding solutions?

Unbeknownst to us, it will lead to that formed psychosomatics and neurosis. We begin to do what you want really suffering and looking for excuses. We will not be able to give people around us the emotions fully. We will not be able to correctly assess the situation.

the Emotional sphere is involved in the process of living everything that is happening with the person, and to ignore it is by no means impossible.

P. S. the previous text was about why we need emotions. The next will be about psychosomatics.

Anastasia Vladimirovna
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