Emotions. Part 3. Secrets of psychosomatic medicine.


There are directions in psychology and medicine who study the impact of emotions on the body and on the development of various diseases.

Psychosomatics can be divided into reaction condition.

Reactions are strong emotions that have the answer at the level of the body. This reaction, say, to stress. For example, you can shiver from fear.

Reaction from the disease is long. We are talking about psihosomaticheskoy disease, if the disease appeared in a situation of severe mental stress, in a situation of intractable conflicts and so on. In this case, the person is long in this strain, conflict, and stress.

What connection is there between emotions and physical health?

Psychosomatic illness is a disease that is closely associated with the psyche. We all know the phrase: "diseases of the nerves". It is impossible to take it literally, after all, not all diseases of the nerves, however, often somatic disease-related emotions and experiences. The resulting disease should be treated by a doctor (because it has already occurred), but also on the cause and going to the psychologist, you ought to.

Often after this kind of information the person gets angry or just doesn't see it. After all, emotions are not material, and the disease – that it exists.

But in fact, our emotions very material. When we feel in the blood are released hormones that influence the body. Or we begin to pinch some muscles, slower breathing, but do not notice this.

What happens in everyday life? You are at work, suddenly come to the chief and tries very hard to bring your life stress. At that time you can neither escape nor fight him. But the hormones have already been allocated, and the muscles tightened.

What to do?

first, you should not volunteer to arrive in a stressful situation. It is better to make efforts to its resolution. This may be tricky or seem downright impossible. But the body is one and is his to keep.

secondly, it is important to still respond to emotions. Here are a few examples of how this can be done: do some sports, take a walk, draw, beat up a sofa, get a massage, to talk, to go to a psychologist.

And be sure to breathe. Of course, we all breathe, but it is one thing to breathe, and another, barely through time.

Pay attention to your body and your emotions.

Anastasia Vladimirovna
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