Emotions! What to do with them?

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If the relationship is influenced by both, my feelings are entirely my responsibility. And I choose how to influence them. br>
I can even to change them.

But! Not altering them, not convincing myself, reading all sorts of mantras and affirmations or looking at the positive angle, and to name a few of them... Poyavlyalsya attention to the fact that there are, and courage to stay with your emotions, whatever they were, to feel them... Breathe. Through them.

Feel where they are located in the body, and how I worried about them physically. (Like heat, cold, tingling, pulsing, clenching motion, etc.)

you can.

If you give this process enough time to feel his emotion, allowing it to be, and it's nothing doing, then you will be rewarded.

Very generous.

your mind emotion will gradually change. But it is important!

Not from the attention of thought, which you look at her and feel nothing, namely, from the sensuous attention when you really live the emotion.

Staying with her, even if it seems hopeless.

Even if it seems to be eternal.

Even if it seems unbearable.

Yeah, that's what it seems to you now...

Continue to stay with that. Feel your emotion.

Feel "hopeless", "always", "impossible"...

And you will see what will happen next...

after some time these feelings will go away, and the emotion will change.

And opens what was behind it — the message that she carried you, that part of your force which it is kept.

Because emotions are our friends and allies. Our signal system and the vehicle.

They help us internally to "move" from one place to another. Signals what is the significance of what is happening with us, around us, in our lives. Is us to enhance, preserve, create, or modify, release, defend...

When the message emotions are taken (again, not only mentally, but also at the level of sensory accommodation), it opens a new condition. It is also a response to the issues related to the situation that triggered the emotion.

Response experienced sensually very practical. It is easy to carry out in life. You don't need something to convince themselves and to invent. You feel, how to act, how to react from the inside. And you already have a suitable status and power.

Yes, Yes! They are there for pain, for sadness, for anger, sorrow, grief, despair, disappointment, disgust, and other not too pleasant feelings...

For them, there is always a resource, your strength, support, answer questions and special nice condition.

it takes time to get there.

Time, courage and concentration. And support myself.

a Friendly attitude. Not — "Let's just do it! Where's my score?!".

having Lived the emotion to the end, you changed it. Or rather, she will change. Opening you a new You — a more profound, whole, free and...


Because the real happiness is the happiness to be connected with yourself, to live yourself.

Because of honest dealing with even the most heavy feeling brings not expect endless pain, and relief.

And special, with nothing comparable to a state of happiness (Yes, simultaneously with the pain!).

the Happiness of Meeting with Yourself.

And, you know, vsamdelishny the only way to change emotion is to live it.

the Rest of the sweet analgesic pill, burying your true feelings and gifts they have stored away.

Alexander Zemlyansky, psychologist

Alexander Zemlyansky
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