We know that if unexpressed emotions stuck in the body for some reason, they affect the body and human health. So let's try to understand why it is so important to show your emotions.

One of the most important areas of any person is the sphere of RELATIONSHIPS.

Through the expression of thoughts, feelings are built any relationship.

And if they do not show, then the other person receives incomplete information about you, and in this case, the relationship will be incomplete. 

In recent years, more and more, schools and kindergartens, psychologists and teachers, teach children how to Express their feelings, to talk about the anger, the needs, thereby developing awareness and positively influencing the future of the children.

However, most people are used to Express negative emotions more than positive ones, due to various beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation. For example, it is shame to show love or fear to Express anger.

In this case, the backlog will make themselves felt in the form of conflict and dissatisfaction. 

be sure to speak positive emotions.

you Should ensure that in our society it is accepted to show emotions of love, admiration, gratitude, and care.

to Say words like: "I care about you", "I am pleased with you spending time", "you are special(th), "you make me feel happy", "you are an interesting conversationalist." And not only their children but also friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

And if you suddenly seem that much praise and compliments will harm a loved one. He proud or leave, it is misleading. The effect will be the opposite. People will become more calm, stable and grateful.

The same applies to children, praise for them-it's real food!

Any emotion can be expressed in 3 forms:

  1. in the form of non-verbal (tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, expression)
  2. in verbose form (as words)
  3. in the form of actions.

If a man shows emotion only non-verbal or only in the form of deeds, it means that he has a low level of awareness of emotions.

IMPORTANT! the more we say emotions, the better.

This will protect from burnout and stress.

it is Very important to hear yourself and also to show negative emotions.

for Example, a person got mad because his boundaries violated. He did not say it in a quiet voice he says loud and show my face expression that for him it is unacceptable.

Or if a person is sick at work, he did not want there. The emotion of disgust helps to understand what you need to leave work. In this case, needless to say, you just do it. And, by remaining at work, the body will get sick and every hint until then, until it is realized.

But if you have something very upsetting and no way to Express another, that to cope with this task will help the diary. Formulating feelings on paper, you are simultaneously passed through the conscious and free, to not build up inside.

Thus, the development of abilities to recognize their emotions and Express them will help to channel your energy in a positive direction. The quality of relationships, well-being, and overall life will increase significantly.

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