Emotions and bookkeeping


Know what emotional accounting? Heard of it? Practice?
Oh yeah! Emotional accounting also have reports and penalties. Scared?
Now I will tell you why it is more important to you than any other “workflow”. 😉
Emotional accounting – that fills you and empties. First of all, we are talking about energy. 🙂
do you Know yourself? Feel, take care of yourself? 🙄
last week this list was written by one of her clients. For her it's candles, scents, lotions, music ENIGMA. And today she told me that yesterday, instead of growling at school and amount of homework (her child had just started first grade), – she lit candles, incense sticks and do the levels with my son and music. The son was delighted. And she is too. ☺

Though we had the emotional accounting is not for lessons with children.
it is Important to know yourself, 🤔🤔to examine and take care not only of external but also internal well-being. Remember how you care about your Pets, about your favorite car, your things, technology. But you for yourself – more valuable than all this, though? !!!🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

🕵️‍♂️ by the Way, just to read and not to apply – makes no sense. You can read thousands of books, watch tens hour video tips, recommendations. But if you start to apply it in your life – the result will be.
challenge of the day!☝️☝️ Take your favorite notebook and pen (or open a convenient app in your phone) and write what gives you strength and helps you recover.
Note: this should be a specific things and actions.
Fill in two columns: what works when you're not home, and that helps to maintain and restore emotional online when you get home.
Tell us in the comments how you get. Is there something that prevents you from performing the job? What is the state of your bookkeeping? 

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