Emotions are memes. Part 2.


In previous publications, the theoretical justification of the topic raised https://www.b17.ru/article/emocii-mimbi/ read this article: no more than 1 minute. 

so, emotion can be inlined (to mimic) one under the other. I think that experiencing one, ‘pull a string” to the needs, and do not stack. A journey down the wrong path. Suggests that, most likely, we are not in that sense admit, and, therefore, not the need are looking for. 
More examples.

Feeling MIM - JOY

External manifestation - anger: “angry, swear, and really happy”. Example: a violent reaction to the long-awaited. Claims and attacks on significant person “well, what did you go for so long!”. Anger acts as a more accessible feel, while the joy is difficult to Express and declare it. 

External manifestation - the sadness: “cry, and really happy”. 
Holiday – the joy, with tears in his eyes. Is the place to be in reaction to someone or something long-awaited. From the excess energy the tears appear, externally, is experienced as sorrow, but in reality – the joy of delight, relief, and desired appearance. 
you Meet an old friend, but feel some strange pain that further “considering” is depressed by the joy of meeting, because we abruptly broke up, and happy as if can: dramatically broke up with him. 


External manifestation of joy. The demonstrative is expressed in terms of others and positive disposition, strong contact, the need to constantly be in the company, to have fun, to participate in the General “drive”. This is often a façade for a permanent sadness, inability to experience loss, despair or acceptance of their loneliness. 

External manifestation is anger. Expressed in systematic form and the repetition of active behavior – active problem solving, habit for all to undertake, with enthusiasm, to join in the conflict, to participate in the debate for the protection of himself and his position. It covers the sadness from the realization of the fact that not everything goes the way you want. Anger covers the necessary living of sadness and letting go of what didn't happen. As an example, frenzied care of the work as a reaction to the loss of a loved one. 

External manifestation - hurt. Resentment is manifested by reaction to what is not by my rules. Instead to accept and live this inevitability, I'm offended by others who do not give me what I need, resentment lasts and lasts, is expressed in the "evil memory" (thinking, as if others were bad, and that's good), in the construction of the secret thoughts of causing harm or retribution to others. In fact – is a departure from the spot of sadness, their omnipotence and helplessness in the face of unexpected circumstances, in fact, care from taking their vulnerability, humanity. 

to be Continued. 

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