I am impressed. Thinking about it the second day, and I can not share.

I have several times rented apartment in Moscow this summer look out for a new home. Communication with realtors is a separate patient pain, and it can also be a tell, but I'm on the other.

I have visited a large number of apartments, which people repaired and furnished for himself and his family, and now they first leased.

Beautiful home with a gorgeous renovation, beautiful furniture, expensive appliances and fixtures, all sides natural wood, stone, leather, mirrors, the obligatory huge TV - it seems that the chief God of the house, whose richer than any place decorate the altar and the idols-the screen is smaller, hung in all the other rooms, including bathrooms... something tasteful, something without, but most importantly, people tried to create space for happiness, and now their dwellings are empty. Often it is seen that these spaces were never really used them or no one lived - people are finished/almost finished the repair and left now or for a long time, and the apartment several years stood closed, or they lived very long.

Where are the owners?

the Most frequent answer realtor: divorced, parted, separated.

some of my friends too, there are apartments and country houses - they were built and heralded the hope for a long and happy life of a large family, and now empty or they come to live tenants. And families divided.


Seems to make a beautiful repair, nacwpi all the best and expensive, and live happily! We promise this is what the billboards on the highway, commercials on TV and the glossy pictures in magazines and catalogs.

But in the end the house empty. Millions of rubles were invested in these walls and their contents are objects... and all in vain.

Really this is not important? What then?

Remember how some customers the consultation asked: "Why I built a huge house, and nobody wants to live with me? Why I did everything in the house like she wanted and she still left? Why are my teenage kids don't talk to me and don't want to live with me in my house? I told them it was built!".

And it turns out that it is not the cost and quality of repairs, appliances and furniture are important. Important relationships, intimacy, mutual understanding, mutual support, ability to listen and hear each other warm, with which we fill the wall, the conversations that we lead in these kitchens in these halls, touching and hugging on those leather couches and beds king-size, sincere smile reflected in those huge mirrors and views to each other, not screens.

it Turns out that this is in the first place is to invest their resources - time, energy, emotions, and Yes, money. For example, in courses, learning how to establish healthy relationships with children and trusting relationships with each other, in couples therapy, personal therapy in training, which help us to develop and make interesting of yourself and your family. If this expenditure is not in the budget, because the quality of the repair is more important, there is a great risk that soon the repair will be useless. Sad.

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