Enlightened sex. Something quite different

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I offer you excerpts from the book by David Deida "the Enlightened sex. Something completely different"

Perhaps, in the childhood my father used to punish you. You were scared and hurt. And gradually, you learned to close your heart, hold the breath and stretch the body to defend itself against aggression. As a result, your energy stops flowing freely, and now the presence of a nearby strong male energy whenever gives you just such a reaction.

You have grown up, but as soon as you are faced with aggressive and demanding expression of the male energy, for example, your partner raises his voice and begins to command your own energy immediately blocked. Old wounds do not give energy to flow freely. The heart is closed, breath is restrained, and the muscles of the body tense.

Meanwhile, the pressure on the clip is steadily increasing, resulting in anger, inability to act in response. Your internal hose ready to burst.

If you are filled with masculine energy, that can someone to lash out or to move a fist on the wall.

If female, then your anger is likely to turn inside and you will hit yourself gluttony, extravagance or neglect of duties.

in Addition to the emotional clips can be formed and physiological. An unsuitable system of exercises or incorrect breathing can result in permanent tension of the abdomen, inability to relax and open up.

Through a blockade energy is simply not able to break through. Such self-torture can lead to several results: the weakening of sexual desire, lack of erection, vaginal dryness or inability to achieve orgasm; even to problems with communication. A rigid abdomen gives energy to reach the lower body and prevents you from enjoying the pleasures of love.

in Addition to the emotional and physiological clips, there are also clips mental that also interfere with the normal movement of energy. For example, the day you can pursue different sexual fantasies: you are bound and forced to orgasm, you seduce the wife of the best friend, find true lover. Or, perhaps, you will again and again think about what you said the other night at work.

mental Such clamps can also interfere with the normal movement of energy in the body, especially during sex, when the voltage increases. You try to enjoy intimacy, but your energy beating dead ends of thoughts, hopes and dreams, unable to follow its normal cycle.

as a result, some parts of the body lose sensitivity or even sore. In sex you do not have the strength, the enjoyment is slight and superficial. The energy of love moves freely through the body, and beating in the head, caught the mental clamps.

so, the first step to enlightened sex should be to reduce the emotional, physiological and mental clips. This can be achieved in several ways. Each person is unique, and you need to choose the most suitable method. As a rule, the best working combination of different techniques. Over time, a set of practices can and should change because it changes how you yourself and external stimuli that lead to stress.

for Example, you come to a therapist to resolve some psychological issues, which can not cope on their own. In parallel with psychotherapy, you can use massage, to practice Hatha yoga or tai Chi Chuan, which will help to ensure the free flow of energy in the body. Sometimes it is useful to change your eating habits. Dancing and singing also help to maintain optimal energy balance. And social work may contribute to the saturation of the body with love energy.

Through trial and error and with the help of someone you trust, you determine which methods are right for you. Choose only those practices that meet your individual needs and help you to find yourself. Remember that one of the important features of spiritual development is that on the way to the most valuable treasures of your soul are the most serious obstacles.

in Addition to any other methods you wish to use, sexual practices presented in this book can significantly help you to open up and find your true self. The body of a brilliant lover is in such condition that his love and energy flowing freely.

Training the circulation of energy through the nervous system

Instead of to the limit to pump up genitals with the energy, you need to ensure the normal flow of energy throughout the body. This creates the sensation of orgasm, covering you entirely, from head to toe. The heart opens wider and wider, love becomes infinite, pulling you and your partner in the ocean of bliss in which there is no fear, no desire.

you need to learn to provide the energy moving through the inner channels of your body, up the spine and down the front in a continuous circular flow. To maintain this circulation muscular effort is used only in strictly certain places. Detailed instructions on how exactly to do it, you'll find the fourth part of the book.


For many people, relaxation means lack of energy. They feel relaxed only when experiencing lack of energy — for example, after an orgasm or a hearty lunch. They can't bear a high level of energy flows for long periods of time without feeling stress, anxiety or excitement. Once in this state, these people immediately reaching for a beer, call a friend, sit down in front of the TV or accept to masturbate.

the Enlightened sex implies the ability to withstand a high level of energy for long periods of time while remaining relaxed and open. Figuratively speaking, the hose becomes wider, and therefore it flows more water with less pressure.

You can feel comfortable, even when your body, mind or emotions are exposed to considerable forces. In your body from the nature of the enclosed mobile and flexible energy, just waiting to break free, like water from a fire hose.

Your mind is calm, and at the same time, clear and open. Your heart is full of life, vulnerable and receptive. Now you can laugh, and a moment close to tears, but whatever you do, for the life force in you will be unhindered.

Look at two lovers — ordinary and artful. The difference will be obvious.

All the time, at work and in bed, the usual lover is torn between violent activity and exhaustion.

Skilled the lover, on the contrary, in all circumstances acts with the same creative power and charge without falling from complete energy exhaustion, and resting when needed.

to learn how to maintain a high energy level in a timely manner to eliminate all energy leaks and ensure its normal movement throughout the body.

don't be nervous. Do not overeat. Not waffle. Do not watch TV and do not read Newspapers, books and magazines just out of habit and to have something to do. Do not gnaw the pencil. Too frequent orgasms, too bad.

If you stop spraying energy on unnecessary actions, then the first time will feel a little uncomfortable. This is because your body is filled with unfamiliar amount of energy.

Before you immediately rush to the phone or went to masturbate in the shower to get rid of excess energy and reduce internal stress. Now you have eliminated leaks and can withstand the growing pressure of the energy.

this pressure can and should be overcome. For this you need to help energy to flow freely intended for the internal channels and over time, you will have the ability to control a much larger flow of energy.

If you remove the interfering clamps, usual weak energy will turn into a mighty stream. You will be much stronger, without distracting on TV, orgasms, empty talk and extra food.

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