Enough is enough or life is "All bad"


to Live and respect life, to complain that everything is bad, that nothing happens and leaves is one of the most popular topics recently.

now let's look in more detail what is behind it. Complaints that everything is bad and not get rooted in yourself from dissatisfaction with the standard of living to the difficulties in our inner world. But...seriously, instead take it and begin to change the situation are continuous complaints. br>
let's Say I have a neigbour-the pensioner who complains of low pension and the fact that life has become expensive and all around angry and envious. And then I have another neighbor, a pensioner, who is always cheerful, optimistic, her pension is still less, but have friends and acquaintances (a circle of great, by the way), plus custom sews, makes crafts. What's the catch? In the perception of life.

There are women who "eats" the life and family matters. A recent training by one of her clients complained that members of the household do nothing all efforts on it, and it pulls it one. Stalling so that themselves have neither the time nor the desire, I have no money. Sitting next to another customer, in which all duties house divided, and the family motto, "All good girls", the girl in the family, only one, by the way. Lucky? No, she has wisely abandoned the game "Downtrodden housewife."

the family life is possible through time to hear the discontent about his companion in life and in life. Criticism on everything is generous: men and women. "Yes she was a fool, I'm tired already", "already got my control", "No rest nor respite gives, all the time something he wants,"on the outage saying men. Women are not far behind "He doesn't pay attention", "He earns little, He at home does not help and does not educate children". How to listen to the question immediately arises: "such a bad/bad why do you live?". The answers are from the horn of plenty: for the sake of the children, joint mortgage, relatives and friends. Again...sorry for the two cents: and the children themselves were born? The mortgage itself? I would like to believe and yet logic dictates that there is. It's time to admit to yourself first-this story is best for some reason. And all those symptoms that have provide some important need. Particularly daring begin to explore just did it. br>
Complaints about uninteresting work and apathy in life and everything in General, occupy a separate place in the hit parade. Someone really well-paid work, some don't. The essence is-don't like it. Okay, so maybe. What did you do to change the situation? Looked for another job? Opened the case, that would inspire? No. How to go to work and go. But...for the sake of decency then why not take responsibility for it? Yeah, don't like it, but I work for profitable? Before this bright idea rarely comes.

Continue this reasoning ad infinitum you can. And someone throw a stone for flatness. Even so, however, if at least one person will think is a victory. To be dependent on circumstance and so to shift the responsibility for yourself and your life that is beyond our control. It remains only to wait when will blow a fair wind if it blows. I do not know how anyone, but I this way very much, and may not always pleased to say "Yes. I've organized this story to...and I take responsibility for it," nevertheless gives an chance to change-I have organized and I will fix everything as I want. What do you think?

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Babko Catherine
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