Violence and aggression are unacceptable in our society, reprehensible and unacceptable. "One cannot offend, you cannot scream, you cannot kick me and other can not" - so or approximately so, the kids hear from mom and dad. And with these daily teachings are forced to hide under the covers, not to hear, shouting at each other with their parents behind the closed door in the evenings.

the school always stand up for decent, good behavior, tolerance for disrespect for their elders, expression of rudeness and audacity. Yeah, right, we should show respect and peacefulness, consistency and kindness. Just how to handle little man looming over him with a huge adult? As a teenager, with those exposed nerves, to withstand the onslaught of heartlessness on the verge of violence in his own, a "decent" grade? Yeah, what a sin to conceal, and from respected adults, parents, teachers, do not always wait for, listened to, heard and held out his hand.

Yes, we all know that aggression, cruelty, violence towards others must not be. Somehow it turns out, not everyone, of course, in the social framework still tries aggressor to comply with the law.

the Woman in the psychologist's office.

Elegant, slender, all well-behaved, says:

our family is all so quietly, we never have quarrels and abuse from her husband. He's so attentive to me, tender and always regret it when I'm sick, and baby soft shielding, and a Cup of tea will bring.

- You are sick?- surprised at the discrepancy between her appearance and the fact that it hurts.

- no, not really. The husband protects me so nervous, everyone says I'm tired and this become nervous and weak. And says he can be ku me mental problems or something. Well, I came to you.

You do not seem strange what is happening? What words enveloping, lulling in the waves of words that implicitly carry the woman to a state of anxiety and uncertainty? Make her wonder if I was right?

Maybe, someone will seem wonderful, such a caring husband, such treatment is, actually, care. Perhaps, but under different circumstances. In this situation the woman had no physical diseases, no mental abnormalities. Only here for some time, the husband began gently but very insistently to talk about her illness, neurosis, and supposedly some hidden mental symptoms. She gradually began to withdraw into themselves, to think about the fact that it is likely she did not notice the beginning of some disease. Gradually her life was filled with uncertainty, helplessness, and her self-esteem dropped sharply, and she completely became emotionally depend on the words and opinions of her husband.

that's the story of a quiet, domestic violence, gradually enveloping and suffocating false concern.

take care of yourself, live in freedom and joy!

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