Erase the past?


Back to the story my friend, remember I told you about in a previous article.
True, I embellished a little, her condition did not want to stir up ... After all, I took an active part in her life again. And it was very sad. br>
After a loud, fun wedding, they lived separately from their parents at the other end of the city. She is a great specialist in Finance, he earned enough to contain herself and her husband. Toyota where she went to work , aroused the envy of all her friends, and even their husbands. But it was the only joy, because my husband, despite his position of head of the Department , was dissatisfied with their work and often temper towards his wife. Let's call her Martha. She was suffering , she hid from everyone , was hoping to rehabilitate him. Then began to drink , at first secretly, at night , and then started hiding bottles. Further more ...

And she already sold the car, and money in the family is still not enough. I asked her once , where did they spend that much money, because children have no parents they are not supported financially, and the income they have above average? She replied evasively. br>
But when I noticed she had a disease that occurs most often in the nervous system, she began to cry. Yes, Yes ... to all the troubles her husband was still a player. He was down for the evening, all that the two of them earned in a month.
It is compliant ,quiet , fragile girl, has lost 18 pounds , began to look like a dried yellow flower. But my husband could not cope with his addiction , and most importantly didn't want.

I asked her:
- You're so life like? About this developer? It was your wish?
the Answer stunned me. -And who asked me? She told me that her mother insisted on marriage ,stipulating. My husband also put conditions life together. My sister advised me ... etc “ But nobody asked me ... ever... what I want” she concluded.

Martha and I began to understand from childhood, when we were not yet familiar. Working relationships with parents and husband. Cleared the emotional sphere. the
three months later she called me : - “I left my husband,” she said quietly but firmly. “ Despite the fact that he has two months not playing” and after a pause added, “it's my decision.
I'm leaving. I Now understand what it means to live the way I want

We met in café “Shokoladnitsa” , she told me about the café Sacher in Vienna. She is now happy and beautiful , it feels the web of life and a feeling of safety and calmness in her eyes. The daughter grows up and pleases her every day. And to me it sends invitations to visit almost every New year.
And if you want to transform?

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