Error gives us the opportunity to start all over again, only more intelligently". Henry Ford.
"Error is the science that helps us to move forward". William Channing.

In building a career every step/decision/action are important. Mistakes are made all - each individual a list of "errors" (defects, illusion, self-deception, mistakes, losses, etc.) in professional development.

there are typical errors that tend to go for success at any stage of his career (lost time/years/power/energy):
* Criticism and categorical. Do not discuss the other, do not put stamps. Working problem? Offer a solution and solve! * "Everyone knows/can". Once You decide/think/will behave in the role of "only I know what's best" = a recession is imminent. Invest in yourself (knowledge, skills, resources) life! Listen to the opinions/views of others - take the best/interesting/useful/efficient!
* Many to take = the abyss. Take as much as you can eat and digest. Set realistic goals/objectives/time!
* Helpfulness/ excessive zeal. To do so in response to You "loved" = failure. Keep the balance "My values/boundaries/competence" ➡ "Values/boundaries/competence of colleagues, team, company".
* Excessive emotionality/gab (a taboo on very personal matters with colleagues). It always has a negative impact on the career reputation, pushes the interaction, provokes conflicts. Emotional easier to manipulate - remember about it!
* Thoughts and behavior "My career/position is everything!". Do not sacrifice neither yourself nor your loved ones. First and foremost, "I"/ "I am woman". Interpersonal communication, closeness, fullness, internal development is always important!
* Ignorance/underestimation/overestimation of yourself. Not having dealt with them (values, aptitude, ability, willingness, strengths, weaknesses, fears, desires, self-discipline) goals to achieve! And even if "the achievement of punched" payback is a health/nerves/exhaustion! Examine yourself - step by step, carefully and with love!

 don't be afraid to make mistakes! Error - also increase! The main thing to do right and beneficial for You insights! Be honest with yourself is very good exercise!

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