Trying to increase their motivation, many make the same mistake: people try to force myself through the power to do something to reverse itself. In the end, as in life force equal to the force of resistance, just this battle happens in your own head and with myself. Moreover, if we force ourselves to do something not too pleasant for us, the action provokes the production of the stress hormone cortisol, and every time our unconscious is more and more will to resist.
How to stop yourself to get easy and finally start doing what you need?

In fact, there are a few secrets.

the first Secret - connect your goal with great meaning.
Ask yourself the question: "WHY do I need to do or to achieve something? What greater good will appear in my life and in the lives of others, when my task was done?" Take a sheet and pen and describe in detail WHAT good you think you get? Be honest with yourself, just write that, internally, it ignites you, and not what you heard from someone or that you think should light. The inclusion of the goal in a hierarchy of goals increases motivation and achievement will be associated with more satisfaction, and therefore the hormones of joy.
If you have less than five paragraphs, it is likely you find it difficult to start, because you unconsciously do not see the benefits. This is something to ponder and either still find these great benefits, or to abandon the goal as not from yours.

Secret two: test your aim on the presence of fear. Our reason and logic, of course, always understand that if you do nothing, you will lose for sure. BUT our unconscious thinking is not so. Our brain is so constituted (a kind of contagion, and then set us up) that if you do not do what you are afraid, then it helps to avoid fear. And to be afraid of our backtattoo dislikes. And it is afraid of two things:
- the repetition of the bad experience that was
- get a bad experience, which was not yet (that is, to do something new, there any experience at all, so God forbid not to get a bad experience)
Here comes to the aid of individual therapy and all the psychological Arsenal of fears.

the third Secret: THANKS.
Mandatory give yourself a promise to make a gift or something to please yourself when you reach goal. Even if it is something simple, such as a vacation, buy a new dress - anything that makes you happy and that you can only make a performing plan. It also helps to increase the level of happiness hormones and reduce the effects of stress, which increases during the movement to the target.

Elena Nagaeva

Elena Nagaeva
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