the Mistake most people is the indistinguishability goals with desires. For several years my mind had only one desire. And I unconsciously assumed that this is my purpose. We can come up with an endless number of desires imagine countless projects, write 100 or 1000 goals! And to think that our real goals that we need at the moment.

🔍One of my friends shared with me the goals, most of which were spelled out desires. And then I conducted a mini survey among my friends, it turned out that it really is! many young people unconsciously use the word "purpose", but wish-list is writing desires. Agree, huge difference between "I want a manicure" and "I will do my nails". ⠀

📈having goals is one of the indispensable conditions for the wellbeing, prosperity and happiness. With purpose our life is filled with meaning. With goals, we gain the inner strength needed to overcome problems, obstacles and the usual troubles in life. 📈Achieve the goals is a big job. It requires us to commit deliberate steps, and transfer our desires from the world of bright images constructed in our imaginations

Examining the error should pay attention to what lies in the psychology of a young man and what motivates them. In psychology, the young man observed a time skew. This means that it is associated with excessive emphasis on the future, so you can meet the dreamers and projectors. In the model of the world, young prospects are taking a more significant place. Have You ever had? For example: "I would graduate from University become a top expert and start to work," "That will collect the required amount and then open the file" etc Is all his hopes and dreams, then after a few years, something will happen, not here and now. 🌀Also starting to do something about a man faced with difficulties, he can focus on building plans as a whole to aspire to them, which will reduce its actual resistance and will trigger a departure from full contact with the present. Unfortunately, I myself this phenomenon encountered. When something started to do, I saw everything will be cool in the future! But did not focus on the present. Didn't take responsibility for themselves, so many of the projects fell apart on the way.

Focus on the present, take little steps towards a goal. One day you will be surprised that your goal is already achieved and gave results

🤝't be together formulate the right goals and move in the right direction on training course "Reach goal!"

Mongush anay-khaak Mergenova
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