I love the active, ambitious, purposeful people. Those who create, who make the world a better more beautiful, more interesting. When I work with such people, I feel their sense of ownership of the process, together We make business more efficient, better world.

But often, people starting their own business, own your own business, there are misconceptions and mistakes that are typical for people who grew up in an environment in which the business is something new. We all come from childhood, our parents and we have grown in the cradle of certain patterns of thinking, often with dire consequences for the novice, and sometimes experienced businessmen. Business and entrepreneurship, starting their own business, we have the phenomenon is still relatively young. On the Internet you can find a lot of information on this subject, but I decided to share and discuss with you what is constantly seen in private consulting practice, working with beginners and experienced businessmen.

so, a business, I call entrepreneurship, profitable.

In this regard, let's think together about what distinguishes an effective businessman who has the profit from a person living in the mode of Abraham running in order to work, lost relationships and quickly Deplete his own life.

To build an effective business, first and foremost, it is important to have special knowledge and skills to build, and have a plan! The plan, which includes not only business organization and business processes, the receipt of profits, but taking into account other important life areas such as relationships with themselves and other people, leisure, health, life. The plan, from which it is clear, why, for what person earns money. It is desirable that it was a long-term plan, at least 7-10 years. For many years, according to the results of numerous studies is required to build high quality sustainable business. That is, the effective businessman with a plan.

Hence, the common first mistake a novice businessman

I'm so smart - why do I have a plan!

Personally, I a man without a plan is reminiscent of a child who got behind the wheel of the car, but doesn't know how to drive and knows the rules of the road. He sits behind the wheel, and starts to try to do. He had seen others do, and it seems to him that if he would turn the steering wheel, pedals, and pull the shift lever, the car will go. Sometimes he even knows how to start the car and how to drive but how far will he go?

Often business start people little understand what they have to do and slipping phases to define your own passion and "areas of competence" are gathering information, focusing and planning. That is "fascinated" by the idea of fast and low-cost business, or an attractive profit percentage, says to himself - I'm smarter than everyone, and can quickly enrich themselves, and plunged into the abyss of passions and money. He begins to act, not having built at least a little bit realistic plan that takes into account the presence of what I want to do, availability of expertise, resources, market, laws and risks. Of course, the plan they have. He even loudly the so-called "Business plan", and written on paper, where there are numbers that have no relation to reality, and describe what profit awaits him. As a rule, the plan runs 40% percent in the best case, worst case, nothing is done. As in the joke: the manual collection of furniture needs to begin with the words: what fucked it up? Were the extra details? Broke something?

another misconception is

Focus money

money, Money, Dre-be-money, forgotten to rest and laziness, make money, make money, and everything else, Dre-be-be-day! – words from a song about a boy Billy, from the animated film "treasure Island". Such people need the business only for making money! The purpose of business for most people that quickly "go the distance" is money, not the desire to make his life and others better. If such people still managed to build a business, and he began to work itself, became self-organizing, self-sustaining system, it might end up as in the previous paragraph, when a person has no plan. The alternative is to give the world the value of doing what he loved.

When a person has overvalued idea, and a little experience he expects will be-

Fast results

typically, quick results are on the "short track" with high risks and experienced players. Rarely have newcomers. One of the workshops, which was attended by about 300 people, mainly IT-schnick, the moderator posed the question of who of the participants played on "Forex"? Raised his hands, about 200 people. The question of who won? in the affirmative, raised his hands of 2 people. The conclusion from this: if you want quick results - become a expert in your chosen field.

Mistrust of others produces -

I need to be in control all the important do-it-yourself!

a Businessman who can't let go of the process and delegate powers, all their attention and spending power to control other people, and often do the work instead of them or together with them. As a consequence of loss of family, relationships, your own life, fatigue and psycho-emotional burnout. A prescription – find experts that you trust and learn to delegate.

People, after reading "Rich dad, poor dad, I want -

Business worked without me!

Great idea, but in practice, unfortunately, often leading to depression, paranoia, or moral, or rather immoral decay, accompanied by alcoholism or drug addiction. If a person has built a business that works without him, with a small presence, it releases a lot of time and effort. A person often doesn't know how to entertain themselves, to benefit the mind and body. If in parallel with the construction of a business entrepreneur to grow as a person, then all right, if not - then a businessman, as a rule, is fixed on itself, exacerbated by the negative, or shadow personality traits. Such people turn into fairy dragons guarding riches. Way - to include in a business plan not only money and business processes, but other important areas: creating a supportive inner circle, people always have somewhere to go and what to do, "his flock", to pay attention to yourself, your spiritual development, soul – emotional development and health.

In relation to the results of work the common misconception is that

the true Measure of fatigue is!

Please note inside yourself and ask yourself – how will I know what has worked effectively?

You are happy with Yourself and the result of work – feel a sense of joy and satisfaction, you celebrate their success with loved ones, you reward, praise Yourself?

many people in the "basic settings of the psyche" it is not joy, reward and job satisfaction, and fatigue. Exit – urgently to build myself a new basic principles and change the plan that is to plan a reward and rest. Reward and thank Yourself for every step and effort. Chat with people who genuinely support You to success!

Thus, to be successful and effective in business and life it is important to know, to love what You're doing, be patient and have a long-term plan to build a business, work with people you trust, an interest in environment, schedule, success, reward, relax and profit! For more on this You can read in My previous article "Smart business"!

Thank you for your attention! I will be glad to your comments and observations. Sincerely, Alexander!©

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