non-Verbal channel of information one of the main channels in personal communication. As you know 60% of the information obtained given the non-verbal channel, that is, postures, gestures, position relative to other participants in the conversation, facial expressions.

currently, many begin to study nonverbal behavior and, indeed, dense familiarity with the fundamentals of paying off in negotiations, communication with clients, and in personal life.

However, in the closed posture and a nodding head, and interpreting their one-sided, we can get trapped with our assessment. To analyze non-verbal manifestations of need in conjunction with all other channels. The main principle is congruence, that is conformity of verbal and non-verbal expressions. You always need to consider the communicative environment - everything that surrounds man, that is environment, communication.

the Main mistakes:

- do Not take the reaction of the expressions for external and physical stimuli for the manifestation of inner psychological States. For example: lip-licking may reflect the anticipation or excitement and physical reaction to the cold appearing on his lips.

- don't make conclusions based on one part, and consider the manifestation of the human body system only. For example: folded legs of the girl in the skirt can be not so much a sign of closeness, how much simple need to sit in a skirt comfortably. You need to pay attention to the hands, the tilt of the head and body, facial expressions.

- do Not take manifestations, formed a habit, an indicator of the human condition in this situation. For example: biting nails says about a kind of restlessness, but in General, since it is possible that in a particular situation is triggered just a habit.

- do Not confuse the effects of physical faults with the external manifestations of psychological States. Example: head tilt to one side can indicate interest, and can talk about the problems in the neck.

Thus, the overall analysis of the situation, all verbal and non-verbal manifestations together will help to avoid these mistakes and help you make the right decision.

Ekaterina Nechaeva
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