Escape to instagram


Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks in the world. For some, instate is a way to share the interesting events of his life, for others – the element's image and advertising campaigns for third – way to be "all" for the fourth part. But there are those for whom instagram has replaced real life. 📸

There are several forms of indiankarma fusion with another person, the life of your account, "implementation" dreams. In the first case the person chooses a particular person, often the media, and starts over closely follow her life, and then live it. It is expressed in different ways: continuous tracking of the tape, the sympathy for the fact that like idol, and the rejection of what he does not taste, buying similar things, the creation of such pictures, etc. 👁

With the help of instagram people can create a perfect tapestry of life: the photo on the beaches, in restaurants, fitness halls and clubs, near luxury cars, and expensive things, in the arms of a loving husband (wife) and angelically beautiful child. 👼

Few people think that they can hide behind these photographs: the restaurant man came in for an interview, luxury car was parked near a bus stop, with the second half of the relationship on the verge of divorce, and the baby terribly educated. 😈

Often these pages are owned by the escapists. Man creates for himself the perfect life, gradually losing touch with reality, it seems that in the network all present, and he all ways maintains this illusion. 🤩

There is a third option of escape from reality in instagram. It is primarily work. The account aims to promote the business, the owner wants to earn millions. But in reality, active business approach is replaced by a weak imitation of activity, this person sure is doing everything possible to generate income. 🛋

As a rule, in instaging leave introverts. The reasons for this behavior are the same as in other cases, escapism. But in most cases people are trying to find in the social network attention and to feel important, gradually becoming hostages of instagram. Take a look, perhaps they are among your friends? ❓

Oleg Korsak
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