an excerpt of the conversation with the famous lady-business.

L When you go to negotiate with new partners, always wear a new, expensive underwear and, respectively, strictly sexual the clothing.

BMT. ?

L. you See, the “business” is somewhat different from the “just-trade - intermediation”. He came to us from the West and has its own internal “culture” based on the Outlook Freud. Money and gradowska pansexuality connected very firmly.

BMT. You want to say that sexual intercourse (flirting) and activities with the purpose of receiving money has the same unconscious motivation?

L. Yes. For me personally a good deal or just qualitatively doing the project is a “little orgasm”.

Anticipating your questions, I will say: this “culture” implies cleanliness, impeccable hygiene, taste in clothes, and relaxed (animal) sexual instinct. He, in turn, generates a constant style of behavior “competition for mates (male),” - expensive dress, look, drive the appropriate car, etc.. and, of course, constantly monitor worldwide all the best to be ahead of the challengers-competitors/here is a broad-minded, but not as a “curiosity” but as a “need for transcendence”.

BMT. Sorry, but it's more like the model of “ladies of easy virtue.”

L. “Lady of easy virtue” that sexuality is not processed in “activity a world of money.” What am I saying! Here from the next day, their sexual desire reroute with the desire satisfaction on finding the best and the unavailable but desirable, women to meet. This will require effort, but after a month you don't recognize. All. Try it.

BMT. People with no money is rampant impotent men and frigid women?

L. in short-YES. Long: people don't know themselves, how they look in the eyes of others and how to “work” our sinful world.

BMT. Thank you but..............”

Partially agree with this lady. Previously wrote about the importance of the separation of sex and “worldly concerns” in the article "Sexual norm" (see list of publications)

I was Recently asked at the article question in the context of the above:

Podkatilin Nikolai: not to put a sexual relationship in dependence on the solution of current problems of life

“N” Is generally how You imagine? "No money, children get sick, so at least", sorry for folk)

friend Said “N”: Allow extended way to interpret your question:

"do Not have information about unfamiliar ways of earning (acquisition) of money by the population of the planet Earth;

I'm not familiar with the approaches of Vsevolod Kashchenko (not to be confused with Peter Kashchenko) on "education of health" in children; br>
Used to keep control of own emotions (instinctive behavior), and do not know how to separate "experiences" from "memory of the event." br>
PS Here in this (expanded interpretation) of the question, it is already possible to do something. By yourself or with a therapist.

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