Essay "Remember your choice".


I no longer believe that we live in.
Every night I die
in the morning have a chance to be reborn.

Every morning I can choose again - to live like yesterday, or to live otherwise.
Not better or worse - namely otherwise.

Every morning we Wake up all over again. Or rather decide to Wake up.

Every morning we re-see themselves and the world.
Every morning is a chance to Wake up. To live.

So that a Paradise on Earth. We live their eternity. Choose which circle to be in.

Everyone - himself an angel and a Devil.
Everyone is his own God and the Devil.

Every night we die. Go on a date with their demons in the morning to decide which of them to kill in the light of the new choice or someone to raise and feed.

Every morning is Groundhog Day. We exist simultaneously in this Day and hundreds of others. In different field choices and decisions. Each Day we choose again to be born or not.
to Get out of bed or not.
Drink the water or not.
Eat Breakfast.
Give yourself a life with its unlimited possibilities or not.

Or not?
Or, we Wake up only when they die?
Or are we reborn only when the sense of life is lost in the darkness?

Respawn - when you die?
to Die - when being revived?

We are looking for the salvation of his soul in the salvation of another or do we want to save us all?

Who wants to be alive when there's no one else alive?
Who wants to be saved, if no one else was saved?
Who wants to die, if all others will live forever?
Who wants to remain to sink, when all stand on solid ground and watch you drown?
Who likes to see others drowning and dying?
Who likes to drown and die in the eyes of others?
Someone is nice that he is drowning along with the others?
Someone is nice when he is saved and can not save the others?
Who likes to save others and drown himself?


How many questions and their different variations.
How many meanings the word order.
How life and death fit into one day.
How many letters is in your head. In your notebook. Smartphone. Computer. Laptop. Tablet. On your body. On the wall. On the bark of a tree.

How many times have you decided to breathe.
And how many times to exhale.

You choose life, every nanosecond.
You. Only you.

Remember your choice.

Dulkin Elizabeth
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