Every day is a feat, or a Perfect daily routine


How often do you see that mountain of scheduled events is growing, and a small handful made depressing their inexpressive? This attack sometimes so depressing that even familiar and readily available cases are executed with great reluctance. They say, again, "necessary". In the end, the mood is getting worse, the desire disappears, everything goes wrong and nothing is done. How then to achieve results?

People read books on time management, attended seminars on goal-setting, and who of unresolved issues remains in place. Enthusiasm ends before it starts, and man often can be found in the online toy, or even what, which I call "langoliers" (by C. king the time-eater). What to do in this situation? How did not lose time in vain and have time to do really important?

Many people start to plan your day. Write dozens of cases, put them in order of importance, urgency, and... And was horrified to see the result: things continue to pile up on each other! Every day there are new and new for them as the tail spins the old, stepping on the heel, and braking volochs. Sisyphean and tantalising.

In recent years, increasingly practice workshops intensives are when the participants are motivated to maximum performance for a short period of time. To read ten books per day. To call 60 people. Write your book in four days and other. And from such a powerful stuffing of the self-energy is a great result. But exhaustion and rollback to previous positions also occur. And many people refuse to participate in similar forms of work, because she sure won't make it. And worry about it, sometimes even depressed. Or, at best, appeal to the psychologist.

Then I describe an alternative scheme. Let the "lazy", but not less effective. And most importantly, long-lasting, energy-saving, easy. It is simply called:

Every day – a feat.

the First step in this scheme is that more than five day plan doesn't make any sense!

No more than five cases a day!

But first we should agree on what constitutes a business. If you are going to record myself doing "Wake up, brush teeth, have Breakfast, get dressed and go to work", then your daily plan seemed to be exhausted. But no! Cases considered what should be done in addition to the ordinary classes. And, most likely, they are things that are not done by inertia like brushing your teeth. They will require conscious inclusion, the allocation of time and attention. Here such Affairs do not write more than five. "Buy so-and-so, to repair, to throw, to finish, to clean". Can even begin with the three cases, if you have a particularly lazy way of life.

Affairs – the activities that require conscious inclusion of time and attention.

it is best to plan them for a certain time, although it is possible to give a fairly wide range like "during the day". That's how you prefer. Planner to have the sight. Me personally, well help reminders in your mobile phone.

Expect five cases. If there is time and attention! – you want, you can do more. But it's not necessary. Five make and you can do nothing, unless it be your good will.

Next comes the second step in the scheme. Inspired by her Baron Munchausen. In his schedule of the day was: "eight to ten – the feat". And I also suggest their customers to follow his example.

a Feat in our case would be considered all that annoying, requires significant efforts, investments, etc. For each person these things are very individual. For example, I don't like to cook and when you build something complex, multi-stage execution, then I consider it a feat. Although for many people this is a simple and very unpretentious thing. That is a feat not considered. But someone to wash the dishes more complicated than pyramids to build. But for me, it's a snap! A feat.

a deed – what you perceived as complex, difficult, or simply undesirable effect.

what you do not want, but need. Report write annual report to prepare an article in time pass and so Clear?

And so such feats are not more than one a day. That feat definitely is one of the five cases of step # 1. And not more than seven times a week. You can start with one feat in three days, and then bring their number to one per day. Max!.. If only the taste will be included.

And a nice bonus of this scheme is that it inspires! When it is clear that the plans are being implemented, and even a couple of times a week, you are right to be proud of him as a hero (after performing the feat, you automatically become), then that's great and gives you energy for new achievements. When people feel successful, then it becomes so.

accomplished the feat – hero!

So do not bother much life – it's not just for business but for pleasure. Now you can combine fun and business with pleasure. I guarantee you that!

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